Jun 30, 2020
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Predicting a card without sleight of hand

Do you like simple tricks? And who doesn’t? With a classy serve and enthusiasm of the performer, any simple trick becomes a first-class trick. Today we will show how beautiful it is to show the elementary focus with maps. It doesn’t require sleight of hand or quick math counting technique. The secret of focus is extremely simple.

We show the trick: what does the viewer see?

The magician shows 3 ordinary playing cards. They’re different. It is better to take different suits, different denominations – for contrast. For example, 8, 2 worms and a peak ace.

Cards are turned upside down with their shirts and laid out in an arbitrary manner. The viewer is given a matchbox, which should be put on any of the cards.

The viewer puts the boxes on one of the cards, the magician turns it over: on the map there is an inscription-prediction: “You will choose this card.”

map in hand

The secret of focus

The trick is simple: you need to prepare a box of matches in advance and one of the cards that are used in focus.

  1. One card should be signed at once. We write the prediction on the side, so that when you show the cards it can be covered with another card, creating a fan. Because the cards are not shown one at a time, it is easy to hide the inscription.
  2. The box will hide 2 predictions for the other two cards: inside hide a sticker that says “You will choose (the name of one card, for example. Ace Peaky)”. And on the back of the box is the name of the last card.
  3. Put the cards on the table. If the viewer chooses a card with an inscription, then, turning it over, the prediction will be on the eyes. For other cards, you need to flip them and choose the correct prediction on or inside the box.
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