Jan 30, 2021
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PRC Will Not Recognize “British Citizens’ Passports Abroad”

China will stop recognizing BNO (British Citizen Abroad) passports as a travel document and identity card from January 31st, RIA Novosti reports.

BNO passports were issued to Hong Kong natives born prior to its handover to China in 1997. With this document, they were entitled to consular support from Britain and could stay in this country for more than six months.

Earlier, the British authorities decided that BNO passport holders and their family members will be able to stay in the United Kingdom for up to five years with the right to work and study, and then they will be able to apply for British citizenship.

In China, the actions of Great Britain were considered interference in the affairs of Hong Kong and the internal affairs of China.

It is noted that today 5.4 million Hong Kongers have BNO passports, out of a total city population of 7.5 million.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said earlier that the Chinese authorities consider the statements of US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo about the possible imposition of sanctions against China over Hong Kong as absolutely unacceptable.

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