Jan 26, 2021
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PR director of the deceased Yulia Nachalova Anna Isaeva burst into tears after watching the first episode of the released documentary about the singer

13:42, 01/26/2021

The artist’s assistant was very close to her.

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On January 31, 2021, the singer Yulia Nachalova was supposed to be 40 years old. In honor of this date, Channel One, as part of the Dok-Tok show, began showing a documentary about the singer. By the way, the project was supposed to be timed to coincide with the anniversary of Nachalova’s death in March 2020, but then its premiere was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The documentary film about Nachalova, which began showing yesterday, did not leave anyone indifferent. So, after watching the first episode, PR director Julia Anna Isaeva could not contain her emotions. “When yesterday I turned on the TV and saw the first footage of the chronicle, I began to cry. I have seen these footage a thousand times in my life, I even know them by heart, but nevertheless it touched me so much, ”Anna Isaeva said in the Good Morning program.

By the way, Anna still fondly recalls Nachalova: “She was wonderful, with a good sense of humor, she was upset, offended by some misunderstandings and underestimation by the media, then she pulled herself together and started working.” The PR director of the singer also remembered how, shortly before her death, Julia wanted to create a vocal school. However, she failed to bring the project to life.

Julia Nachalova and Anna Isaeva

It is worth noting that Nachalova’s parents were also present in the studio of the Dok-Tok program, in which the documentary was released. Moreover, Victor and Taisiya Nachalova provided an exclusive family archive – voice messages from Yulia, which she sent to relatives after she was taken to the hospital, and also shortly before her death. While in the studio of the Channel One show, Nachalova’s parents could not hold back their tears.

For the first time, it became known about the filming of a documentary film in memory of Yulia Nachalova in June 2019. Then there was information that the role of the singer was played by Marina Orlova, who became widely known after participating in the TV series “Barvikha”. The ex-wife of Nachalova Evgenia Aldonin, from whom the late singer gave birth to a daughter Faith, played by the star of “Univer” Alexey Gavrilov.

Still from the documentary

Interestingly, there were no shots from the set of the documentary about Nachalova for a long time. Thus, the creators of the tape wanted to keep the intrigue. Only in March 2020 did the first pictures appear. Then the leading actress Marina Orlova said that most of the filming took place in the artist’s apartment. So, Nachalova’s parents allowed her clothes and other personal belongings to be used to recreate a more believable image of Julia. They admitted that they were satisfied with Orlova’s work in the frame. Moreover, Taisia ​​Nikolaevna could not hold back her tears when she looked at Marina in the form of her dead daughter.

Parents of Yulia Nachalova with granddaughter Vera

Recall that Yulia Nachalova died on March 16, 2019 from blood poisoning and heart failure. The singer was only 38 years old. The death of a star is especially difficult for her loved ones. Julia’s parents did not come to terms with the loss. Not so long ago, father and aunt Nachalova published a book of memoirs about the singer. A work titled “Yulia Nachalova. Letters from Father to Daughter, ”according to PR agent Anna Isaeva, is a requiem for the deceased artist.

Yulia Nachalova’s father and her aunt published the book “Yulia Nachalova. Letters from father to daughter “

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