The editor-in-chief of the website Nikolay Roganov commented on the decision of the RFU Executive Committee to return the matches of the Russian Premier League from June 21.

“First, The final decision is up to the state and regions, said RFU President Alexander Dyukov, Roganov stressed. - Secondly, if they resume the competition, then not June 21, since it's Sunday, but two days earlier, that is, on Friday 19 so that the television can show all matches of the tour.

Here again, we must rely on previous experience of showing football and on Dyukov’s words that the resumption of the championship will fulfill obligations to partners and sponsors. Tinkoff is not a structure whose obligations to which you can forget, so we’ll see on TV all the matches with black and yellow logos and there will be a Friday meeting. All these are my assumptions, but I’m pretty sure about them, so our football has become two days closer. ”