Jan 29, 2021
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PP Juicy Cheesecake Recipe

Such a cake has a lot of perfections – it is prepared simply and smartly, the ingredients are all available and can be searched in the refrigerator for each of you, besides, this recipe can also be safely attributed to PP, or recipes that are healthy and correct from the point of view of a nutritionist.

PP Juicy Cheesecake Recipe

A cheese cake in a frying pan turns out to be juicy with a wonderful red-cheeked crust. You can eat it just so much, or you can wrap a lightly salted fish in it, or slices of boiled chicken fillet and a fresh cucumber! It’s hard to think of a delicious breakfast!


Corn maeta – about 50 g Yogurt – 100 ml Cheese – 50 g Egg – 1 piece Dill – to taste Baking powder – 0.3 tsp.


1. Combine yogurt and egg, stir.

2. Grate the cheese and send half of it to the yoghurt mass, chopped dill to the same place. Stir.

3. Add flour and baking powder. Salt – optional.

4. Stir all ingredients together.

5. Cook the cake in a non-stick skillet.

6. Pour the mass into the pan and bake for 7-8 minutes, then sprinkle with the remaining damp.

7. Cover with a cover and bake until melted wet.

8. Garnish with cherry tomatoes.

Love your appetite!

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