Nov 25, 2021
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Power engineer Yushkov: Moldova was lucky to receive an ultimatum from Gazprom


Power engineer Yushkov: Moldova was lucky to receive an ultimatum from Gazprom
FBA “Economics Today”

Yushkov, an analyst with the Russian National Energy Security Fund and economist, noted that the Moldovan authorities were not serious about fulfilling the terms of the contract with the gas giant and paying off the debt. He recalled that during the negotiations on the new agreement, Gazprom could insist on linking the cost of gas for Chisinau to the spot market. However, the company went to meet the republic, because it simply would not have pulled the European prices.

“However, in response, Moldova said that it was their“ victory ”in negotiations with Gazprom, although in reality it was just goodwill on the part of Russia. So this is clearly not an entirely adequate reaction of Moldova to what happened, ”the expert explained.

Yushkov stressed that Russia could completely cut off gas to Moldova or supply it only to consumers – this would be quite simple to do. However, she chose a much milder option of influencing Chisinau. We can say that the ultimatum from the gas giant was a success for the republic.

“Gas goes to Moldova through Ukraine, and Gazprom would simply tell Naftogaz that it was zeroing supplies in this direction. But the meaning of the ultimatum was that Moldova should, in principle, return the money. Apparently, without this, she was not going to allocate funds from the budget, and Moldovagaz simply did not have this money. Now the goal has been achieved – there will be money, ”said the power engineer.

At the same time, Gazprom is absolutely right in this situation from a legal point of view, the economist noted. According to him, no other supplier would be so loyal to Chisinau and would not sign a new contract until the debt is paid off.

“I don’t remember in world practice that someone would supply gas if there is a delay. Not a single company in the world, I think, would have signed a new contract at all until they had settled with it under the old contract. There would be arbitrations and courts right away, and then there would be a dialogue on new contracts. The fact that Gazprom signed an agreement in October is something that no company probably would have done, “Igor Yushkov concluded on the air of the Sputnik in Russian radio.

Earlier, military expert Konstantin Sivkov said that Gazprom’s ultimatum forced Moldova to abandon the idea of ​​blocking Transnistria.

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