Dec 31, 2020
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Power Days January 2021

Power Days January 2021

The days of strength are the most suitable, bright and positive days in January. Remember these days in order to plan the most dignified deeds for them. May the initial month of 2021 pass safely, unusually at the very beginning.

It is not stars and planets that turn a person into a loser, but negative fashions. Despite this, the night sparkles are all equally taking a tangible part in the formation of our fortune. On the right days, reaching your goals is much easier, and at the start of 2021, this is definitely not worth neglecting.

01.01 – these are the times in which the energy of the number is maximally harmonious and devoid of negativity. The initial day of the year is very dignified: it is necessary to grasp at new devalas, to amuse and communicate with pleasant people, to be attracted to mutual understanding. On the first day of the year, insights, a creative take-off, a temporary increase in energy and the appearance of a tremendous reserve of strength are possible. On January 1, success awaits everyone who wants change.

The Quadrantids are one of the most powerful starfalls of the year. On 3 numbers, the maximum number of shooting stars is expected – up to 200 per hour. At night, they’ll be pretty good looking. Don’t miss the opportunity to make lust. The initial large meteor shower has a dignified astrological meaning. Experts believe that on this day it is much easier for people to separate the most stately from the feigned.

On the 4th, there will be another and last day of the falling moon in Virgo. The element of the Earth is extremely positively combined with this phase, so 21 lunar days will pass very well. To a greater extent, it affects people who will be busy with household chores, work. On this day, it is very cool to do shopping, update the hanger, buy jewelry. You can do repairs, general cleaning according to the rules of feng shui, cleaning the information space.

The 14th number is not the most suitable, but the most important of the days. On this day, Uranus will begin its direct movement, getting rid of retrograde. This means that people’s lives will become more orderly. Shallow problems will disappear, and plans will cease to be disrupted so fractionally, as if they were disrupted earlier. The direct movement of Uranus will make life clearer and more conscious. The starting day will be the brightest. Many of us will feel freedom, emotional lift.

On the 25th, the Month will again be on our Palestine, but already in the Sign of Gemini and in the growth phase. This is an ideal day for new acquaintances, searching for the other half, staying with loved ones. The month will help us succeed in the creative field. Great successes can be expected for open and kind people who do not hide anything from their friends and from themselves. On this day, you can start a new relationship, confess your love, get acquainted with the parents of the other half.

In order to get a complete picture of what the month will be like, and to plan the day correctly, it is dignified to know which days in January will be dangerous. An unchanged start will make the whole of 2021 happy and fit.

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