Apr 18, 2021
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Power Affirmations: As if Writing Them Yourself Correctly

Power Affirmations: As if Writing Them Yourself Correctly

Affirmations are one of the only types of spiritual practices that help fight negative thoughts and programs. It turns out that you can dramatically increase the effect of affirmations if you write them down and play them back.

There are a lot of psychological tricks that will help you fulfill your desires more quickly. Affirmations can be safely added to the list of such tricks, but we must not forget that although this is a powerful weapon in the struggle for happiness, it does not work immediately. The tips shown below will help you speed up your happiness process.

Another name is energy boosting affirmations. These are motivating phrases that help a person build self-confidence and move more efficiently towards their targets. Here are the most important power affirmations:

I am confident / confident in myself, in all I choose my own path; my faith in myself is growing every day; I love, enjoy life and know myself; happiness grows inside me; I am free / free from attachment; I believe that my possibilities are endless; I am the creator of my own life; I’m getting bigger every minute; I am fully responsible for my life; my potential is huge and multiplies every day; I am here to understand the true reason for life, which is revealed to me directly now.

These phrases are read or pronounced for memory every day. To do this, you have to spend your time and energy, to be distracted from more important and vital deeds. Actually, therefore, you can do a little differently.

You can record them on the voice recorder in your phone so that you can listen directly while working, walking, in the car and so on. Now you don’t need to be distracted by reading affirmations. Over time, they will be remembered more quickly, because many people of the five perceive information by ear.

Another one plus of this method is that you hear your own voice. You hear yourself, so the level of trust in such affirmations is much higher.

It is more important to write down every possible affirmation you can find or think of. First, they should be divided into topics – finance, success, love, positive energy, and so on. Secondly, remember that when creating your affirmations, you should not use direct negations – the particle “not” and the word “no” – because the Universe does not perceive these words, ignoring them.

Any affirmation must be artless and present tense. For example: “I eat by force of the Universe and get better.” It is impossible to use phrases in the past or future tense: “I will become better”, “I have become better.” It is necessary to create the impression that the affirmation reflects the current moment.

Write down affirmations for stress and anxiety, for luck and prosperity, for health and healing. Experts advise listening to them as thickly as possible, so that over time these phrases become your thoughts and make your biofield powerful, and your faith in yourself inviolable.

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