Oct 19, 2021
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Potential of two-way connections. How Russia and Kazakhstan are friends

Trade turnover between Russia and Kazakhstan in 2021 will be a record – up to $ 20 billion. This became possible thanks to the systemic interregional cooperation of our countries in the industrial, infrastructure, trade and other spheres. He told reporters about the new role of relations between the two countries Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Moscow Ermek Kosherbayev… “Arguments and Facts” with details.

“There are no obstacles”

The record figures of trade turnover at the end of this year between our countries were reported by Vladimir Putinspeaking in September at the XVII Forum of Interregional Cooperation between Russia and Kazakhstan. “It is expected that by the end of 2021, mutual trade will reach record levels of $ 20 billion,” the Russian leader clarified, stressing that “this is a great merit of interregional cooperation.”

In support of the president’s words, it is enough to analyze the geography of the trips to Russia by the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Russian Federation Ermek Kosherbayev. Only this year, the diplomat visited St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Astrakhan, Kaluga, Tver, Kaliningrad regions, as well as Bashkiria. And everywhere he met with representatives of business and scientific circles to establish interregional cooperation.

“I had the opportunity to see for myself the broad prospects and substantive interest of our Russian partners in the further development of joint projects. Russia is a huge and self-sufficient country with a capacious market, and therefore there are no obstacles to the development of interaction with almost every constituent entity of the Russian Federation, ”Yermek Kosherbayev commented to the Information and Analytical Center for the Study of Social and Political Processes in the Post-Soviet Space of Moscow State University.

Here are just some of the results of the negotiations of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Russia. In the Primorsky Territory, within the framework of the Eastern Economic Forum, the Kazakh side discussed the prospects for the development of the Northern Sea Route (NSR) in cooperation with Russia. Nur-Sultan has ambitious plans in this direction – right up to the creation of its own fleet based on the shipyards of the Far East. Also in Vladivostok, an agreement was signed between QazExpoCongress and the Roscongress Foundation on systemic communication between business and expert circles of our states. In Bashkiria, one of the vectors of cooperation is the implementation of the complex investment project “Eurasian Economic Center”. In the Astrakhan region, an agreement was reached on the creation of a center for border trade and the opening of new cruise routes along the Caspian Sea. In addition, the Kazakh side became interested in Astrakhan in the possibilities of inter-industrial cooperation in the construction of offshore drilling platforms. In the Kaluga region, Kazakhstanis are interested in opening a multimodal transport and logistics center “Vorsino”, expressing hope for cooperation of the TLC with Kazakhstani enterprises and transport hubs. After Kosherbayev’s visit to Kaliningrad, the national airline Air Astana launched direct flights from Nur-Sultan and Almaty to Kaliningrad. It is possible that in the future a permanent representation of the Republic of Kazakhstan will open in the westernmost region of Russia.

Connect Europe with Asia

Recall that the forums of cross-border, and now interregional cooperation between Russia and Kazakhstan have been held since 2003 and only once a large-scale event was postponed (last year) due to the coronavirus pandemic. The co-authors of the idea of ​​relations at the regional level of our countries 18 years ago were Vladimir Putin and Nursultan Nazarbaev… Speaking at one of the forums, the first president of Kazakhstan said: “The forum has become an integral, important part of our relations. Our regions have become closer to each other. Meetings of regional leaders are held, various economic cultural events are held. They fill our main agreement between Russia and Kazakhstan on friendship and cooperation, addressed to the 21st century, with real content. “

At first, the first forums were called “border”, since the activity of multifaceted cooperation, basically, extended to the border areas of our states. And, despite the fact that the Russian-Kazakh border is the longest on the planet (more than 7.5 thousand kilometers), soon the mutual trade turnover became “cramped”.

“The potential of bilateral ties is so huge that it has already become cramped within the specified framework, and soon regions of Kazakhstan and Russia, which do not have a common border with each other, began to take part in the forums,” said the Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Russian Federation Ermek Kosherbayev in an interview with the IAC MSU. “Today, the interregional cooperation forum has become a key event on the bilateral agenda, a locomotive for multifaceted cooperation, and has proven its effectiveness.”

Visits of the heads of Russian regions to Kazakhstan have become a vivid confirmation of the strengthening of friendly and partnership relations: Governor of the Astrakhan region Igor Babushkin and in autumn Head of the Republic of Bashkortostan Radiy Khabirova

As a result of the forum held in September, two interdepartmental documents were signed on the protection, reproduction and use of transboundary saiga populations and on the conservation of the Caspian seal population; five interregional documents in the field of trade, economic, scientific and technical, social, cultural, humanitarian cooperation and six commercial documents totaling more than 144 million dollars.

Among them – the construction of factories for the production of pharmaceutical products in the North Kazakhstan region and for the cultivation of Atlantic salmon on the territory of the free economic zone “Khorgos – Eastern Gate”, which today is a strategic object for creating a logistics hub connecting China, Central Asia and the Middle East …

It was about the advantage of transit routes that the President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev, spoke at the last VII forum: “In fact, Kazakhstan and Russia can jointly provide a network of alternative transit routes that will connect exporters with transport hubs in Europe and other regions.”

… The well-known Kazakhstani film director Sergei Azimov, who has created such documentaries as “I call Abai my father”, “The Way of a Genius” (about the philosopher and scientist al-Farabi), while communicating with the author of these lines last summer, asked jokingly: “You know, why are mammoths extinct? Because they rarely met. So, we must not repeat the way of mammoths ”.

A new, XVIII interregional forum is scheduled for autumn 2022 in Orenburg. Strategic partners expect to get together in face-to-face format.

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