Aug 24, 2022
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Postroynevshey Irina Pegova showed ample breasts in a bold bikini


Actress Irina Pegova shared beach photos from her vacation in Cyprus.

Irina Pegova and her daughter Tatyana Orlova are now enjoying their holidays in Cyprus. The actress is completely delighted with the local beauties, says that she appreciates every minute and calls it her place of power.

Cyprus is considered the place where the Greek goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, descended to earth. According to legend, the goddess was born from the blood and semen of her father Kronos, mixed with sea waters. From the stormy scarlet foam, a goddess of unearthly beauty appeared, who, on a large shell, swam to the shores of Cyprus.“, – said Irina, who delighted her legend.

Irina Pegova
Irina Pegova

The actress is happy to share photos of the beauties that delighted her on her blog on social networks. But fans first of all react to Pegova herself – how she got prettier on vacation.

Irina Pegova bathes and sunbathes a lot. Sometimes she shares spicy shots. This time, the actress decided to impress the fans. She posted a photo in which she poses in a floral swimsuit with a revealing neckline. Irina took poses that favorably emphasized the dignity of her figure. The actress flashed a magnificent bust in the rays of the sun.

Irina Pegova
Irina Pegova

Wow, just a girl with pigtails!”, “Luxurious neckline!”, “Assol, who is waiting for her prince”, “Irina, how are you going on vacation, you look great!”- subscribers commented.

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