Jul 21, 2021
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Postimees: Zelensky is not Ukrainian Napoleon, but Ukrainian Kerensky

Hot autumn guaranteed to the President of Ukraine

“The period has ended when the world forgave everything to Ukraine as a victim of Russia’s treachery. It became obvious that for the most part the country’s leadership is the “blacksmith” of most misfortunes. They began to treat Nezalezhnaya as an ordinary country – to praise if successful and harshly criticize, if it gives a reason for this, to strictly demand the implementation of the signed agreements. The country’s leadership was not ready for this, ”

– writes the Estonian socio-political daily newspaper Postimees (“Postman”)

The publication reminds of election promises Zelensky: peace in the Donbass; the return of all prisoners; investigation of abuse Poroshenko and his accomplices; control of utility rates; growth of pensions; only one term in power.

“None of the top Ukrainian officials suspected of abuses were convicted after the Maidan. 13-15 criminal cases have been initiated against Poroshenko, but nothing has been moving for a year and a half. The failure of Ukraine to comply with the Paris Declaration signed by the leaders of the Normandy Four is obvious. Many assess the state of legality and freedom of speech under Zelensky as a backward movement “,

– gives an assessment of the fulfillment of the promised Postman

And he suggests thinking about how Ukraine is going to Europe without a Constitutional Court and free media? The author of the Estonian publication tells how Zelensky, due to a decision that he did not like, was dismissed by the KSU from the position of the chairman of the court. This drew sharp criticism from the Venice Commission, and on July 14, the Supreme Court of Ukraine overturned the suspension Tupitsky… “But the president is not appeasing,” and now the prosecutor’s office has become interested in the judge.

Tells Postman and another well-known in Ukraine and not only story about how the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDCU) closed three local TV channels: ZiK, 112, NewsOne, accusing their owner of financing terrorism. “These three channels contained speaking armies, which very professionally deceived and zombified.”, – the author of the Estonian edition considers the rationale for repression to be strange. “What does terrorism have to do with it? Quite moderate journalists, only expressing thoughts that differ from the official point of view “

Postman notes the dramatically increased role of the NSDC and the fact that prominent politicians, including the speaker of parliament, vote against other repressions, “but no consensus is required.”

And the successes reported by the authorities are ambiguous.

The success of Ukrainian exports is mixed. “Zelensky is not to blame for everything, but the continuing absence of technological orders from the West, when relations with the Russian Federation are severed, is finishing off the Ukrainian industry before our very eyes and making it problematic for specialists to return to the country,” – notes Postman

And the simplicity of Zelensky’s foreign policy, “continuing the Poroshenko tradition,” led to a dead end.

“The moment has come when the country is reaping the fruits of this simplicity: the construction of Nord Stream 2 is coming to an end, Western leaders explained to Zelenskiy that the Minsk agreements had no alternative and raised the issue of combating corruption. Resentments against the West began, the president’s entourage started talking about serious claims and the expediency of improving relations with communist China (a separate question is how this is combined with the hysterical decommunization in the country).

Ukraine’s inconsistent behavior has led to a diplomatic fiasco. Its deepest reasons are the unwillingness to delve into the interests of world players, ignoring the warming of relations between the Russian Federation and the West, and most importantly, the lack of a long-term strategy among the Ukrainian elite “,

– concludes the Estonian edition. And he says bluntly: it is necessary not only to ask, but also to offer something in return. EU countries that have political differences with Russia still have joint projects with it, since no one will refuse to earn hundreds of billions.

Much can be forgiven Zelensky, the author argues, but “The deepening confrontation in society, problems with the rule of law, lack of professionalism in management and the failed selection of personnel are undoubtedly in the area of ​​the president’s personal responsibility”, and this “Guarantees a hot autumn”, the next Maidan is not excluded.

“There is a lot to say that Zelensky is striving to become the Ukrainian Napoleon, the controlling ruler of everything. But what is happening now much more resembles the reign of Kerensky, an unsurpassed orator, ready to promise anything, moving without a plan on the waves of the elements, without principles and thoughts about tomorrow … “

– concludes Postman

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