Sep 20, 2021
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Post-imperial Anglo-Saxon covid

For the separatists in the British ruling class who left the megaproject to create a united Europe (a secession called “Brexit”), and now forced to extinguish the discontent of increasingly empty shelves of citizens, it is time to turn the attention of the internal audience. Hence the old-regime passion for overseas adventures.

In this context, it is necessary to consider the skills of “gunboat diplomacy” not lost by London: calls of British warships into the Black Sea, defiling off the coast of China.

And here is the latest event: the formation of the newly-minted Entente in the United States, Great Britain and Australia has been announced. During a video presentation featuring British First Secretary Boris Johnson and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, US President Joe Biden (Sleepy Joe) explained that the AUKUS tripartite alliance will target “Ensuring peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region in the long term”

Senior US Administration Official Called Alliance Creation “A fundamental decision that will firmly tie Australia to the United States and Britain for generations to come.”

The British “Guardian” immediately determined the purpose of the new military-political bloc: “A triple security partnership is being created to confront China.”… It seems that the basis is the forecast of CIA analysts, made twenty years ago: by 2050, an armed conflict between America and China will be inevitable.

Family discord

The scandalous coloring of the new association was given by Canberra’s refusal from the “contract of the century” – from an agreement with France to produce 12 Barracuda-class attack submarines at its shipyards. And the French company Naval group lost the opportunity to earn 56 billion euros.

Paris was furious. Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian called Australia’s decision to withdraw from the deal unilaterally “a stab in the back.” “We have built a relationship of trust with Australia, and that trust has been eroded. I’m angry, allies don’t do that. “– said the minister.

National Assembly MP Jean-Luc Mélenchon raised the angry rhetoric to a critical point: “Paris needs to stop indulging in illusions, as well as withdraw from the North Atlantic alliance and close the NATO center of excellence in space security, which the United States wants to host in Toulouse.”

Since Boris Johnson hastened to offer the Australians his services for the creation of nuclear submarines, then Britain will fall under the distribution. Former British ambassador to the Elysee Palace Peter Ricketts warned: Paris will remember London of this act of treachery and betrayal.

Throughout history, there is also an intent to restrain Emmanuel Macron. As Angela Merkel’s impending departure heralds confusion in Germany and Brexit put Britain out of the game, the Fifth Republic has begun to pull the blanket over itself. Macron was very persistent in proposing integration initiatives within the European Union, which would bring France to the position of a regional leader. By this he caused the fire on himself.

“This is a blow to the credibility of France in the first place, – says military expert Yuri Knutov. – This suggests that Macron’s attempts to make France the number one figure in the European Union are met with resistance from the United States and Great Britain … France is being put in its place. “

Paris recalled its ambassador in Washington for consultations, and at the same time in Canberra. The unprecedented demarche can be regarded as an extreme degree of discontent, reminiscent of General de Gaulle’s decision in 1966 to withdraw France from NATO’s political structure.

And while NSC spokesman Emily Horne has been tasked with pacifying France as a “strong partner”, patching the gap in transatlantic solidarity will be difficult, if not impossible. Whatever efforts the US administration makes to restore the previous level of trust with allies in Europe, the tendency to gradually creep into national quarters is obvious.

After the government of Angela Merkel did not succumb to pressure from two consecutive US administrations to flood or clog two strings of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, the most unreasonable for the US reputation in the Old World was to mortally offend (I repeat: 56 billion euros were taken away at once!) France, the second locomotive of the united Europe.

“The world is a jungle, – the former French ambassador to Washington Gerard Haro responded to the insult. “France has just been reminded of this bitter truth.”

Double blow and its three motives

It is unlikely that Washington did not calculate the nervous reaction of France. The readiness of the Americans to accept the risk that the French, in the language of Zoshchenko, “will hide some rudeness in their souls,” is explained by three reasons.

At first, the builders of Pax America never fully trusted the Gauls. If they left NATO’s military planning and command structures once in the past, they may repeat it. It is indicative that during the NATO aggression against Serbia in March 1999, cases were recorded when the French military preempted the Serbs about impending operations.

SecondlyConsidering the slow recovery of the world economy, and, along the way, the thinning of the pie of military orders, the amount of 56 billion euros justifies for the Anglo-Saxons disregard of the principle of international law Pacta sunt servanda – “Treaties must be respected.”

Thirdly, the demonstration of muscles takes place in the footsteps of the clowning-retreat of the Western powers from the country, nicknamed “the grave of empires” – from Afghanistan. And this is not a coincidence. In the September 15 broadcast of the American television channel CNN, it was frankly said that “After the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan … the officials made it clear that the new statement (on the creation of the alliance) should serve as proof that the president intends to demonstrate solidarity with his allies and maintain order in Asia, based on certain rules” (uphold a rules-based order in Asia).

High-ranking official quoted by the TV channel CNN, serving as the mouthpiece of the Democratic Party, admitted: in recent years, doubts have appeared that “The United States still has the stomach, do we have the wit and wisdom.” for a presence on all continents and waters.

In short, this is also an attempt to embellish the fading image of Sleepy Joe.

Anglo-Saxon arrogance

It is possible that, as in the case of the aggression against Iraq in 2003, Britain was the main trickster in the creation of the triad, which needs the visible attributes of the former superpower …

A recent article by Tony Blair (21 August) reveals the “secret mindset” of the British establishment. Saddened by the awkward flight from Afghanistan “In a manner that seems almost designed to parade our humiliation”, the former prime minister claims that now everyone is wondering: “Has the West lost its strategic will?” (has the West lost its strategic will?)

I want to clarify: the will to what? The British Empire fought three times in Afghanistan to turn this important link of the ancient Silk Road into another colony. Failed. Now the cunning flight of the British special forces in women’s attire, fleeing from dushmans, can be regarded as the fourth humiliation of the former empire.

Realizing that Britain after Brexit and the defeat in Afghanistan “Is in danger of slipping into a second-class global power”, Tony Blair proposes We should at least take the decision deliberatively

However, the British ruling class is unlikely to accept the position of a supporting actor. The formation of the tripartite alliance fully fits into the concept of “Global Britain” proclaimed by Boris Johnson.

What’s next?

The creation of a triple Anglo-Saxon alliance, which includes, among other things, the transfer of technology for building nuclear submarines in Adelaide, will have long-term implications.

Despite the fact that Canberra promises to abide by the treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, no one can guarantee that in the event of a provoked conflict on board the “barracuda” will not be a doomsday weapon. The very fact of the “atomization” of the navy is a very dangerous precedent. Compliance with the international non-proliferation agreement is undermining and fueling the ambitions of second-tier pro-nuclear powers.

Here is a comment by Captain I Rank Vasily Dandykin: “A precedent has been created. In our country, India, which is a nuclear power, leased a nuclear submarine back in Soviet times and has already built its own. It’s one thing when a power already has nuclear weapons. Australia has no nuclear weapons. Now other countries can ask why someone can do this, but they cannot. Let’s imagine that we transfer such a boat with a nuclear reactor to Iran. What would cause it? “

The new alliance is strongly anti-Chinese. The PRC Embassy in Washington advises the United States “Do not build closed alliances aimed at harming third parties, and in particular … get rid of Cold War thinking and ideological prejudices”… In an editorial by the English-language newspaper The Global Times, published in the PRC, Australia is called “the enemy of China”; the publication predicted that Australian soldiers would be the first to lay down their heads in the South China Sea.

The plans of the Anglo-Saxon triad to contain the Celestial Empire will force Beijing to continue rearmament of the army. And they will encourage more actively to look for allies in the region, including striving for closer military-political cooperation with Russia.

If we consider the triple Entente in a broader context, the contours of a new world order begin to emerge. Fukuyama’s prophecy that after the fall of the USSR and the disappearance of the alternative path of development, the whole world will begin to worship the dogmas of the neoliberal way of life did not come true. Globalism and the model of a unitary world order did not take root. The dividing lines of the multipolar structure of the world are more and more visible.

The hardening axis of the Anglo-Saxon states may lead to an increase in the status of the intelligence alliance “Five Eyes” created on August 14, 1941 (Five eyes) as part of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK and USA. And it cannot be ruled out that an alternative NATO of five derivatives of the former British Empire will emerge.

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