Apr 2, 2021
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Posner was afraid to talk about Abkhazia after the egg attack in Tbilisi

Photo: journalist Vladimir Pozner

Photo: journalist Vladimir Pozner (Photo: Donat Sorokin / TASS)

Vladimir Poznerseems discouraged by the incident that happened to him in Tbilisi. The question of whether he has now changed his opinion on the Abkhaz issue caused a rather nervous reaction from the TV presenter. “No, no, I don’t give any comments. None! “ – he said in an interview with the “SP” correspondent.

Posner flew out of Georgia, where he planned to celebrate his 87th birthday, after activists of the United National Movement party surrounded a hotel in Tbilisi and pelted the facade with eggs. The TV presenter moved to another hotel, however, protesters gathered there, promising to watch him all night. Also, protests took place in Batumi – in Adjara.

In order to safely leave Georgia, Pozner needed the help of the police. Pozner’s opponents from among the Georgian opposition were also at the Tbilisi International Airport. They dispersed only after making sure that the journalist left their country.

Claims against Posner supporters Mikhail Saakashvili were in his position on Abkhazia and South Ossetia. In 2017, the TV presenter stated that, in his opinion, the residents of Abkhazia did not want to be part of Georgia. “And although this, of course, is not a scientific study, I had such a feeling that in general the Abkhazians did not particularly want to be a part of Georgia,” he said then.

“Vladimir Pozner is a US citizen, he did not violate the law on occupation,” the Georgian Prime Minister stood up for the journalist Irakli Garibashvili… – He often visits Georgia with a US passport. This was a private visit. He and those who were with him had with them covid passports and negative results of a PCR test. Everything was within the law. “

“Pozner, apparently, has forgotten that they are hitting something on the face, and not on the passport,” they joke on the Runet.

American Posner was supported by Russian officials. “We strongly condemn the aggressive actions of extremist nationalists against Russian citizens in Tbilisi … We are grateful to the Georgian police for ensuring the safety of Russians,” he said. Dmitry Peskov

According to the Special Representative of the Prime Minister of Georgia for Relations with Russia Zurab Abashidze, we are talking about the destruction and damage to the country, its international image. “This time they did it against the background when our country is partially open to tourists, which is very important for the revival of the tourism industry and the economy as a whole,” he complained.

Director of the Freedom Institute, member of the Bureau of the Political Council of the Rodina party Fyodor Biryukov indicates that Russophobes do not see the difference between the “varieties” of Russians.

– This is a typical case. Posner is considered the patriarch of Russian liberalism, the ideal citizen of the world, who often stands above the fight, but always positions himself precisely as a person of liberal views. For the bulk of this kind of people, what happened to Posner is a clear signal. Despite all their propaganda work to slander Russian reality and praise any other reality, when they come to the territory of Russophobia, they simply rely on rotten eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner by default. And no amount of service to the enemies of Russia will save them.

For those who are professionally engaged in Russophobic actions, any Posner, Navalny, anyone, the same citizen of Russia, like everyone else. So the domestic Russian Russophobia of our liberals does not in any way convert into external use. They should understand that their position, alien to the people of Russia, alien to our state, is also alien to those to whom they are going to rest. Even if our internal liberals have contacts with the authorities who support the anti-Russian course, this does not mean that local radicals will look at them with respect and understanding. Do you use a Russophobic resource for your promotion? Get ready to end up in shit.

“SP”: – Posner is called a liberal, but he was the secretary of the party committee on Soviet television?

– Many of our honored liberals left the Communist Party and the Komsomol. But Posner’s genesis is more complicated. He is, after all, a US citizen. So he is a status globalist liberal in the true sense of the word. Unlike many others who simply work out the anti-Russian agenda under any slogans. Posner, on the other hand, often says not quite liberal things from the point of view of the “swamp” crowd. He is able to give objective conclusions due to age, experience.

Nevertheless, he also becomes a target for Russophobic scumbags who work against their peoples and countries. After all, this incident gave nothing but deterioration of the image of Georgia in the eyes of any public – Russian or Western -. This is a stupid provocation that did not benefit anyone. First of all, to the Georgians themselves. Where the authorities use Russophobic rhetoric, as happened in Ukraine, it grows roots and the authorities can do little.

“SP”: – It is not clear why Pozner wanted to celebrate his birthday in Georgia. There are many much nicer places in Russia …

“At the same time, Georgia remains one of the most popular tourist destinations, which is absurd in itself. Our tourists, especially young people, should understand that this country may not be the most pleasant place.

“SP”: – Despite the private nature of Posner’s trip, politics could not be avoided …

– In general, this incident once again demonstrates the need for more active and offensive work of the Russian state, social activists on the territory of the former Soviet Union. The current situation is not eternal, it will change, and until Russia carries out cultural expansion there and considers these territories as a zone of our national interests, some Russophobes will be replaced by others. And we need allies. In the same Georgia, this is not the first incident. There they have already poured water over our parliamentarians.

In its turn writer Nikolai Starikov believes that Posner’s figure in this incident is only a pretext.

– The point here is not that Posner did something that is given a negative assessment in Georgia. The arrival of a musical group in due time, a meeting with the participation of a Russian deputy (Sergei GavrilovAuth.) – these are just reasons for organizing a provocation, the purpose of which is to split, increase tension, push Georgia away from Russia.

I myself once found myself in a similar situation in Ukraine. Then, a year before the start of the Maidan, about 200 militants, headed by the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, came to the presentation of my book in Ukrainian. And they tried to arrange real riots there – right in the center of Kiev. There was no reaction from the police and the authorities to this. The meeting with the readers was disrupted.

After the incident, there were a huge number of articles, reports, videos. At the same time, nothing unfriendly was sounded either from Russia or from me. There has not yet been a reunification of Russia and Crimea, no war in Donbass, and the cries of “suitcase, station, Moscow” and “Moskalyaka to Gilyaka” and other Bandera chants have already sounded.

So we have an organized provocation. The goal of its external customers is to deteriorate relations between Russia and Georgia. But, of course, there are also internal interests, which in this way put pressure on the current Georgian government.

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