Dec 31, 2020
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Posner spoke about the main deprivation of 2020

The problem was the lack of communication with relatives who live on the other side. The journalist would certainly have been able to visit them, but he would have had to sit in isolation for two weeks, with which he did not crave.

Posner spoke about the main deprivation of 2020

Vladimir Pozner spoke about the main deprivation in 2020 during his interview with Echo of Moscow. All in all, he lacked communication with his family.

The journalist said that his daughter, grandchildren and great-grandchildren live in Berlin, where they could go, but they would have had to spend two weeks on self-isolation, and the journalist was not satisfied with such an alignment. Posner says that he has not seen his relatives for a year.

Also, Vladimir Vladimirovich noted that he had previously met the New Year and Christmas with his last name, but this one will not work out so much – by the holidays, quarantine measures are getting tougher. “I can tell you without fault that it depresses me,” the journalist summed up.

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