Jan 24, 2021
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Portugal elect the president of the country

Voting in the presidential elections has begun in Portugal, more than 9 million voters can take part in it, reports TASS.

As specified, polling stations in the country opened at 08:00 local time (11:00 Moscow time). They will work until 19:00 (22:00 Moscow time).

Seven people are running for the presidency, including the incumbent head of Portugal, 72-year-old Marcelo Rebelo di Sousa, who took office in 2016 and is the favorite in the current election, according to polls.

The country’s presidential elections are taking place against the backdrop of a worsening situation with coronavirus infection. Almost 625 thousand cases of COVID-19 have already been identified in the republic, more than 10.1 thousand people have become victims of the disease. On the eve of the elections, Portugal recorded an anti-record for the number of cases per day and the daily maximum of deaths.

On January 12, it became known that a positive test for COVID-19, received the Portuguese leader Marcelo Rebelo di Sousa.

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