May 14, 2022
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Portugal and Spain: discrimination against Russians in favor of Ukraine

The Ukrainian diaspora writes denunciations, persecution of Russians is gaining momentum

For three decades, the Russian and Ukrainian diaspora coexisted more or less peacefully in the old woman of Portugal, and since the 90s most of the local residents have not learned to distinguish Ukrainians from Russians and even from Moldovans.

This continued until recently, when Portugal was overwhelmed by a wave of Ukrainian refugees. Some associations of Russian citizens took part in their resettlement and adaptation – after all, historically, such organizations included many people from a neighboring country. In response to the help, the activists were faced with the banal desire of the “new Portuguese” to win.

In the city of Setubal, the local prosecutor’s office launched an investigation against the Russians Igor Khashin and his wife Yulia Khashina. And the blame for everything is the denunciation of Ukrainian citizens that the Khashin couple allegedly collected data on relatives of refugees fighting in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Igor Khashin, the former chairman of the Russian House and the Coordinating Council of Russian Compatriots, and now the head of the Unity Association of Migrants from the East, together with his wife, an employee of the municipality of Setúbal, received more than 160 Ukrainians, but it was their assistance that caused suspicion from the Ukrainian embassy. After all, “Muscovites” cannot help Ukrainians, yes.

Now the spouses are threatened with an article, “Unity” and other associations of our compatriots are already being carefully studied by the Information and Security Service (SIS) and intelligence. The reason for the suspicion of “pro-Putin associations” is any activity, one way or another connected with the embassy, ​​consulate and Rossotrudnichestvo. Moreover, the special services are looking for any confirmation of “pro-Putin” sentiments among immigrants from Russia. Reports on the results of surveillance now go to the table personally to the Prime Minister.

We have no doubt that the secret services of the country of the peace-loving NATO bloc have followed Russian citizens in Portugal before. Only now all the framework of the rights and freedoms of Russians in democratic Portugal have been erased, and our compatriots may face sanctions even for organizing cultural events. The freedom of assembly and the right to national identity in a country of tolerant Europe can now be forgotten when it comes to Russians.

We hope that the Russian Foreign Ministry will not leave the situation without control and will not limit itself to traditional “concerns”.

* * *

English speaking channel Fearless John complements our vision of the situation in Portugal with an analysis of Russophobia in neighboring Spain.

The author directly calls the pressure on Russians in the country a psychological war. According to John, in Spain it comes to deliberate persecution of Russian citizens in order to cause a complex of guilt and responsibility for the events in Ukraine, in order to force them to abandon their national identity and the Russian language. All this, by the way, in “tolerant” multicultural Spain.

This manifests itself, first of all, at the everyday level – insults on a national basis in schools, harassment of Russian women, dismissals because of a Russian passport. At the official level, Russian culture is being squeezed out by closing exhibitions, canceling concerts (including the Bolshoi Theater troupe), and so on. In the media space, the process is accompanied by the justification of Russophobia “in the name of social justice.”

In a word, the Iberian Peninsula is undergoing a process of “Balticization” in relation to immigrants from Russia and Russian speakers, with all the ensuing consequences.

Source: Telegram channel “Tales from the Favels”

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