Jan 16, 2022
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Poroshenko is sure that he will not be detained in Ukraine

Former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko is sure that after returning to the country from Poland he will not be detained. He announced this at a briefing in Warsaw, which was broadcast on Facebook.

According to him, there is no reason for this.

“I’m sure Zelensky won’t do that—he won’t shoot himself in the foot,” Poroshenko said.

The former head of Ukraine is suspected of treason in the case of coal supplies from Donbass. It is expected that he will return to his homeland on January 17 to take part in the court session. The Pechersky District Court of Kiev must consider a petition for a measure of restraint for the politician.

Poroshenko previously stressed that he did not advise the Ukrainian authorities to “frighten” him with a possible arrest directly at the airport.

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