May 30, 2022
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Poroshenko flees to Europe – Zelensky at a low start

In the photo (from left to right): ex-president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and current president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky

Pictured (left to right): ex-president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and current president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky (Photo: Zuma/TASS)

Former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko tried to leave Ukraine for Poland, but was not allowed through by Ukrainian border guards. According to the deputy of the party “European Solidarity” Irina GerashchenkoPoroshenko really tried to leave the country to take part in international events, but the border guards did not let him out.

“The other day, European Solidarity announced the foreign trips of party leader Petro Poroshenko, who is part of the official delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly and was also invited to speak at the EPP summit (European People’s Party – OK.). These are official parliamentary business trips, the head of the Verkhovna Rada has all the invitations and all the relevant orders on the composition of the delegations are supported by the Committee on International Affairs and signed by the head of the Verkhovna Rada Ruslan Stefanchuk“, – Gerashchenko wrote on her page in the social network.

According to her, Poroshenko was not allowed to cross the border without explanation.

“The border guards at the Rava-Russkaya checkpoint were talking some nonsense about a “forged or canceled order,” she added.

What does it mean? Poroshenko still decided to plant? A captured opposition politician recently testified against him. Viktor Medvedchuk. Means, Zelensky decided to fulfill one of the main election promises? Or Poroshenko really went on business?

“I believe that Poroshenko really wanted to leave Ukraine in the face of the threat of threatening political showdowns,” says Chairman of the Union of Political Emigrants and Political Prisoners of Ukraine Larisa Shesler.

– If a year earlier, Zelensky could not start the “Poroshenko case” as part of an investigation into corruption in Ukroboronprom, since Poroshenko received indulgence from overseas curators, now the situation has changed. Now the United States will not defend Poroshenko, as they are interested in Zelensky’s strong position as a guarantor of stubborn military resistance to Russia.

Poroshenko lost confidence in his position, his TV channels were closed, the SBU connected his name with Medvedchuk, accused of financing the LDNR. Poroshenko realized that he would be safer outside of Ukraine.

SP: Why didn’t they let him in? Recently, Medvedchuk testified against him, apparently beaten out. For what? Zelensky wants to imprison Poroshenko?

– In the conditions of a very difficult situation in the Donbass, contradictions are growing in the Ukrainian elites. Zelensky has already begun to be openly accused of “surrendering the heroes of Mariupol”, the disappointment of the “patriots” came as a result of a long optimistic lie about the inevitable victory of Ukraine over the “backward” Russian army.

Looking for someone to blame for the lack of artillery, air defense and aviation support, these “patriots” inevitably pit Commander Zaluzny against President Zelensky.

Poroshenko is the most suitable candidate for national leadership for radical nationalists, so Zelensky launched a campaign against him.

The accusation of links with Medvedchuk is aimed at knocking out the nationalist wing from the base of support, since Medvedchuk is accused primarily of having links with Russia.

To turn the aggressive Russophobe Poroshenko with his slogan “Army, Mova, Vira” into a pro-Russian traitor is the main goal of the current company.

“SP”: – Zelensky himself does not leave Kyiv. Is he a fool himself, does he believe in the victory of the Armed Forces of Ukraine or was he banned?

– While Kyiv is in relative safety, Russian troops have withdrawn from the region, the defense ring around Kyiv is sufficiently fortified. Western embassies have returned to Kyiv, European leaders are visiting Kyiv. According to some reports, almost half of those who left Kyiv for Western Ukraine have already returned to the city. Why would Zelensky’s bunker in Kyiv be less safe than the bunker in Lvov?

“SP”: – In your opinion, at what point can a stampede of politicians from Kyiv begin? And where?

– I believe that a different military situation is needed for the flight of politicians from Kyiv. Sumy, Chernihiv and Kyiv regions are completely under the control of Ukrainian troops. Now the line of hostilities is at least 400 kilometers from Kyiv.

The Ukrainian elite are not fools, and they are well aware of how long it will take the Russian military to overcome such a distance, which is now being heavily strengthened.

And the direction of flight – to Western Ukraine or Poland, will depend solely on the intentions, actions and successes of Russia.

Judging by the regular statements of the Russian Foreign Ministry and Medinsky it cannot be ruled out that the conditional “peace party” in Russia will want to leave Ukraine a certain part of the territory on some conditions. Although, in my opinion, it would be a catastrophic mistake.

“SP”: – After the completion of the special military operation (if it ends with the capture of Kyiv), who will be the leader of Ukraine in exile? Who can compete with Zelensky?

– Oddly enough, it does not depend on the Ukrainian elite, but again on the actions of Russia. So far, Zelensky is very satisfied with the West. He enjoys greater support in the Ukrainian society, he does not give a doubt about his anti-Russian position, he took control of the media and the SBU and the army.

But in the event of a heavy military defeat, it is possible that Zelensky will be made a scapegoat, blaming him for the losses. This can happen if hostilities drag on for a long time, Western Europe will fall into a severe economic crisis, and will no longer be able to support Zelensky so unrestrainedly with weapons and financial assistance.

“Poroshenko didn’t run away,” I’m sure political commentator Sergei Veselovsky.

– The “confectioner” went to the “Owner” to solve personal and corporate issues and offer his own options in case the “Master” removes the “Clown” and returns power to him.

The “clown”, realizing that he can be eliminated at any moment, just in case, lays straw, removing strong pieces from the game: Turchynov, YatsenyukPoroshenko and others. The fewer competitors, the more likely it is that he will be allowed “to reign more trishechki.”

Zelensky’s hostage Medvedchuk, whom the Kremlin categorically refused to change, is actively cooperating and giving any testimony necessary to the Clown in order to save his life. At the same time, Zelensky himself is also a hostage, who is under round-the-clock surveillance and says only what the “curators” from the British MI6 order him to.

“SP”: – Who do you think will be the head of Ukraine in exile? Zelensky? Or the same Poroshenko?

— It doesn’t matter who becomes the “hetman in exile” after the end of the special military operation. For us, the main thing is that he tours away from the former Ukraine – in Vilnius, Warsaw, or London, as Svetlana Tikhanovskaya. It is impossible to allow the preservation of a Nazi enclave, like Kosovo, somewhere in Lvov, Ternopil, or Ivano-Frankivsk.

“Probably, Poroshenko decided to go to Europe in order to negotiate guarantees of personal security from Zelensky’s Western patrons,” he believes. political scientist, chairman of the Crimean regional public organization “Center for Political Education” Ivan Mezyuho.

“The stakes are high for him and it is unlikely that he would want to run away right now. It’s just that the time has not yet come for him to escape. At least that’s how it seems to me.

SP: Why wasn’t he released?

“Zelensky can’t afford to allow Poroshenko’s contacts with leading European politicians, who will then ask for the former Ukrainian president. He wants to marginalize his predecessor and keep him on a short leash.

“SP”: – Earlier, Medvedchuk testified against him.

– I generally got the impression that Zelensky began his election campaign, removing his political rival from the stage with the hands of another, already brought down political competitor. It seems that the head of Ukraine is not on friendly terms with reality.

“SP”: – Why does Zelensky himself not run? Do you believe in “winning”? When he does escape, will he be a “president in exile”?

– Well, it’s not a fact that he is constantly in Kyiv. Besides, who will let him leave? The deceased Zelensky will be more beneficial to the West than a living president. If he dies during the fighting, they will make an icon of a fighter against Russia out of him.

In the best traditions of the Ruins (this is a historiographical concept), there will be many governments in exile. Enough for everyone. And Poroshenko, too, if he manages to escape.

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