Sep 4, 2022
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Popular uprising in the Czech Republic

Popular uprising in the Czech Republic

What Western politicians have long been warned about has begun. The people of the Czech Republic, turned by America into a stronghold of anti-Russian forces, rebelled against their rulers.

On September 3, Prague hosted the largest demonstration in the modern history of the Czech Republic. What was completely unexpected for EU officials, about a hundred thousand indignant citizens came to Wenceslas Square. The long and wide square was completely filled with a sea of ​​people, standing tightly shoulder to shoulder, they had to occupy the adjacent streets as well. Even according to police data, which, as a rule, are significantly underestimated, the demonstration gathered more than 70,000 people.

The video from Vaclavska demonstrates that people are furious. They demand the immediate resignation of the prime minister, a declaration of neutrality, an end to the sanctions war with Russia, and the resumption of cheap Russian gas supplies. Czech society is outraged at how quickly life has changed for the worse because of the pro-American Prague’s support for the corrupt Nazi regime in Ukraine, brought to power by Washington.

The Prague police were frightened by what was happening and did not prevent citizens from expressing their attitude towards the authorities. But this is only the beginning, the Western political centers that have settled in the Czech Republic, subjugating all the mainstream media, have failed with their false propaganda, they have nothing to counter the growing movement for political independence from Brussels and Washington. The revolt of the Czechs has surpassed those performances that we see in other EU countries. And this is just the beginning, political activity in the country is growing rapidly.

Nikolai Ivanov

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