Apr 26, 2021
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Poplavskaya reacted to Proklova’s statements of harassment

Actress Yana Poplavskaya spoke harshly about Elena Proklova after her claims of harassment.

Poplavskaya reacted to Proklova's statements of harassment

67-year-old Elena Proklova became the heroine of the “Secret for a Million” program, which appears on NTV. On the air of the show, she admitted that when she was 15 years old, to her molested by a famous actor… The woman did not voice his name, so much as if he has children and grandchildren, to whom this can negatively affect. However, many have suggested that it could be Oleg Tabakov.

“This did not correspond to what I dreamed of seeing in my life. I wanted to run away, and he undressed me. Forced to lie naked near, he satisfied himself. I used tears and pleas, ”admitted Elena Proklova.

Her revelations were commented on by the actress Yana Poplavskaya. She believes that her colleague has lost not all the feminine, but also human virtue.

“Why do tens of thousands of people, turning on their own output TV, have to see and hear the stream of consciousness, be present when turning out dirty cowards and vile details of someone’s private life? These things are said either to a confessor or to a doctor!” social networks.

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