Nov 19, 2021
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Popescu assured in Moscow – Moldova is not going to NATO

“You should follow not words, but actions,” the RF replied

Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Moldova Nika Popescu after a meeting in Moscow with the Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov diligently tried to convince journalists that Chisinau “has no anti-Russian attitude.”

“We want to transform Moldova into a normal European state with European roads, hospitals, universities. And we see our movement there through normal, calm, positive, non-conflict relations with the Russian Federation. That is, there is no contradiction for us either in the minds of our population or in our government, ”

– said the head of the MFAEI on Thursday in Moscow.

According to him, the new government of Moldova has always advocated and will continue to advocate “Equal and pragmatic relations with Russia”… And so he asks Moscow to return to the free trade regime for Moldovan products and especially for Moldovan wines, because in Chisinau they really want to send their vegetables, fruits and wines to Russia, and not to China.

He noted that Moldova has never had anything to do with the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), but has always remained a part of the CIS and is ready to fulfill all agreements within the CIS.

“Niku Popescu is jittery. Moldova received observer status at the EAEU. It was confirmed by all members of the EAEU. Our representatives took part in the meetings of the EAEU commission. And when the PAS came to power, the representative was immediately recalled, and they doubted the legality of the status. But the gas price is $ 450 instead of $ 125 and tens of tons of rotting apples is a matter of the country’s survival “,

– reminded Popescu of the Moldovan political scientist Bogdan Tsirdya

As for the relations between Moldova and the Alliance, then “There is no movement of Chisinau towards NATO”, assured Popescu. After all, Moldova is a neutral state, but this status “Does not prohibit multilateral relations in various spheres, including military”

“Moldova is one of the states in Europe with the lowest level of military spending. Including as a percentage of GDP, about half of GDP percent. But we, of course, have a program to modernize the army, “

– said the minister.

Well, since Moldova is a neutral country, the presence of foreign troops on its territory is unacceptable, as for the Russian military. The solution to the Transnistrian conflict, according to Chisinau, is the return of Transnistria to Moldova, Popescu said.

According to the head of the MFAEI, there is no longer a need for the presence of Russian peacekeepers on the territory of Transnistria, since “The situation is calm there”… At the same time, the minister for some reason does not connect the calm on the banks of the Dniester with the presence of Russian peacekeeping forces there.

Nevertheless, Popescu, who, as it turned out, is fluent in Russian, assures that Russia is a traditional strategic partner for Moldova.

In Moscow, however, they propose to believe not words, but actions.

“In politics and diplomacy, words are meant to mask true intentions. You should follow not words, but actions “,

– the senator of the Russian Federation is sure Alexey Pushkov

And the deputy director of the Institute of History and Politics of the Moscow State Pedagogical University Vladimir Shapovalov believes that constant anti-Russian statements indicate that the Moldovan authorities do not strive for good-neighborly relations.

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