Oct 12, 2021
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Ponasenkov joked Pavel Volya on the Comedy Club

Eugene called the show “stupidity”, made Volya an old man and put Kharlamov in an awkward position.

Garik Kharlamov, Pavel Volya and Evgeny Ponasenkov Photo collage:
Garik Kharlamov, Pavel Volya and Evgeny Ponasenkov Photo collage:

Ponasenkov appeared on someone else’s show and began to dictate his own rules.

The new issue of the Comedy Club on TNT caused a flurry of positive comments. One of the heroes of the evening was Ponasenkov. The presenters presented the video blogger in a joking manner, but he took the initiative into his own hands.

The first question was asked by Volya:

“How do you manage to combine a serious profession and f *** ing? Ponasenkov replied: “I have come to you. As you can see, I combine it. “

The intellectual humor from “maestro”, as he is called on the web, is not over. Will suggested to the opponent to touch him like a tree. The publicist reacted quickly: “No. The tree is fresher, more alive. ” He hinted at the humorist’s age – he is 42. The writer on the Comedy Club TV noticed that his line of clothing would not fit Volya either in status or age: “Too old”.

The “humorous battle” still ended on the writer’s joke. Kharlamov tried to laugh it off, but to no avail, commentators are sure. He stated that he only now understood the phrase “F ****, you are the queen”, pointing to the opponent. The guest retorted: “This is how it looks when the queen has taken pawns.” Comedy Club comedians were unable to add anything to the answer.

Ponasenkov outplayed Kharlamov and Volya Photo collage: YouTube

The audience wrote a lot of praise to Eugene:

“Ponasenkov beat Kharlamov and Volya. Simple and a minimum of mate. Keep it up”.

Internet users know that Eugene is a genius of comedy, and you can’t joke with him. He recently appeared on “BWD” and showed his best side. The hosts of the project were afraid to say too much to the guest. Fans note that the hero of the memes responded perfectly to the attacks of Nurlan and Shcherbakov. At the Comedy Club, he behaved well, followers write.

Olga Dobrotvorskaya

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