May 14, 2020
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Polyakova during the game “truth or action” with Kozlovsky said that he has a “woman”

During the quarantine, the Ukrainian singer Olya Polyakova came up with entertainment for herself and her fans - a couple of times a week on Instagram she plays the game “truth or action” with her colleagues. Not only is it fun to watch some of the tasks, you can also learn a lot about the stars of show business.

The other day, the performer of the hit "Queen of the Night" bit Vitaly Kozlovsky during one of the games. The singer, who hides his personal life after breaking up with Ramina Eskhakzai, brought a multi-colored cosmetic bag. Polyakova immediately understood what was happening.

“Kozlovsky’s house has cosmetics, which gives us reason to think that he has a woman in his apartment,” she noted.

Vitaly answered: “Yes” and translated the topic of conversation. Then he went to carry out the task - to paint his lips, sing a new song and at the same time pull his hair out of his nose.

Fans in the comments began to write: "The woman was visible." Polyakova began to ask Kozlovsky to show her, but the singer chose not to be distracted from the game “truth or action.”

Earlier, “KP in Ukraine” wrote that Olga Sumskaya admitted while talking to the singer that her first husband - Eugene Paperny - was abusing alcohol. The actress emphasized that “sober days” were rare and that “it is very scary and painful”

Sumskaya also talked about how she met Vitaly Borisyuk. Their romance was so stormy and passionate that one night he drank even came for his beloved to the apartment where Olya lived with her husband and little daughter.

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