Sep 15, 2020
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Polskie Radio: tensions grow on borders with Belarus

Poland is developing a program of action for the Belarusian opposition

Polish political scientist Andrzej Talagainvited for a live interview Polish radio scares the Poles and assures that today there is every reason to talk about the growth of tension on the borders of Belarus and the NATO countries. The tension appeared due to the military exercises "Slavic Brotherhood - 2020". Concerning Alexander Lukashenko, then he must be removed from power in any way, the political scientist is sure.

“On September 14, the Russian-Belarusian exercises“ Slavic Brotherhood - 2020 ”began at the training ground near the border with Poland. In total, about 300 military and about 70 units of military equipment from Russia will take part in the maneuvers. Meanwhile, in Lithuania, in Siauliai, Kaunas and Vilnius counties, NATO air defense exercises under the code name "Tobruk Legacy 2020" have begun. About a thousand soldiers from Lithuania, Poland, USA, Estonia, Italy, Latvia, France, Slovakia and Hungary take part in them ",

- informs Polish radio...

However, the guest of the program "Peace in the palm of your hand" international observer Andrzej Talaga is not embarrassed by the obvious preponderance of NATO forces, the political scientist is sure: Lukashenka is to blame for the increase in tension, because he "Did not rule out the use of military force in case of aggression by NATO"... In addition, the Russian president Vladimir Putin "Spoke recently about the possibility of providing fraternal assistance to Belarus on the basis of a collective defense treaty"...

Talaga is sure that this is the cause for concern, and not the pulling of NATO troops into the Baltic states and Poland. He does not rule out that Lukashenka may give an order to arrange a provocation for propaganda purposes.

“The NATO forces deployed in Lithuania and Poland are not able to carry out effectively some kind of aggressive operation with the seizure of Belarusian territory, but they can offer real resistance in the event of quite possible armed incidents on the border,”

- the guest of the program does not doubt. At the same time, he notes with regret: Russia has the right to use its troops on the territory of Belarus. This follows from the Tashkent Treaty and from the 1999 Agreement on the Establishment of the Union State.

Andrzej Talaga criticizes the actions of the Belarusian opposition and cites the Kiev Maidan and the events of 2014, when protesters seized state buildings, as an example.

“Let me remind you that during the Ukrainian Euromaidan, its participants occupied the presidential palace. In such a situation, even the most populous but peaceful protests cannot force President Lukashenko to leave. In addition, the West is not exerting proper pressure on the Belarusian authorities. In the absence of more radical action, President Lukashenko can afford to ignore street protests. The Belarusian opposition also lacks tactics of action in the longer term. Is it a tactic to call weekly peaceful protest demonstrations? "

- the political scientist is indignant. In fact, Yanukovych did not have a "presidential palace", but had a residence in Mezhyhirya, which the Maidan crowd seized and partially plundered after the coup d'etat. But the main thing is not this, but actually the call of the Polish political scientist to radicalize the Belarusian protests. It is also important that this appeal is replicated Polish radio...

According to Talaga, from now on it is impossible to consider Alexander Lukashenko as a vacillating politician between Russia and the West, and even more so to expect that he will turn towards the West, as it was counted on recently. Now Lukashenka is clearly on the side of Russia and this must be accepted, the political scientist argues.

“This means that he can no longer be a partner for the West, although he will probably hold the presidency for a long time. Therefore, today it makes sense to support the Belarusian opposition, to assist in organizing and strengthening its structures, since the future belongs to it. But so far the opposition movement in Belarus lacks not only leaders and structures, but also clearly formulated goals and programs for the future. Poland can help in this - to develop a program of action for the future ”,

- stated the guest of the program, outlining the task facing Warsaw.

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