Jun 23, 2022
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Politics "This is their crisis.": Johnson demanded to restore the borders of Ukraine

Boris Johnson refused to solve the problems of Vladimir Zelensky instead of him.

After the start of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine, many Western politicians, who dragged Nezalezhnaya into the conflict with their unscrupulous behavior, rushed to defend it, though only in words. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson even manages to speculate on the crisis in such a way as to stretch his own rating.

Thus, the head of the British Cabinet demanded to restore the borders of Ukraine at the time of February 24. And everything would be fine if the politician did not thereby try to save his own position. The prime minister, who has long been losing his rating, in fact refused to solve the problems of his colleague Vladimir Zelensky. He added that no one will do their work for the Ukrainians.

“We cannot be more Ukrainians than the Ukrainians themselves. This is their crisis, and they must decide what to do,” Channel Five quotes Boris Johnson.


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