May 12, 2022
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Politico on CIA covert operation in Ukraine

American edition teaches Kyiv how to “break out of Moscow’s imperial grip”

American edition Politico in an article by his columnist Casey Michel “CIA covert operation to support the independence of Ukraine” writes about the “new strategy” of the United States towards Russia and Ukraine.

“to the United States, – notes the author of the article, – it will be necessary to formulate a new strategy in relation not only to Ukraine, but also to Russia as a whole. We are already seeing the outlines of a new policy that includes comprehensive sanctions designed to dampen Russia’s expansionism and sustained armed support for Ukraine. But this is just a tactic… and the broader strategy has not yet taken shape.”.

The article tells, in particular, about the CIA operation undertaken in Soviet Ukraine with the aim of provoking an anti-Soviet uprising there immediately after the end of the Great Patriotic War. It was the Red Sox operation to send into the western regions of the Ukrainian SSR sabotage groups recruited from the Banderites in the camps for displaced persons in Europe.

The commandos trained by the Americans were supposed to be engaged in the collection and transmission of intelligence, and most importantly, to incite nationalist movements in Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, and the Baltic states. “The goal was to give Washington an idea of ​​Moscow’s designs in Eastern Europe and, if possible, help to split the Soviet empire. For half a century, dozens of [американских] operatives. It became one of the “biggest covert operations” by the US in post-war Europe. The central element of the operation was the organization of a bloody rebellion in Ukraine”.

However, it is in Ukraine, reports PoliticoThe CIA was waiting for one of their “the most obvious failures during the Cold War years… Instead of provoking a riot, about three-quarters of the trained agents simply disappeared… Many of the agents were on the spot for no more than a few hours, were immediately arrested and then shot… significant covert American operations in Europe … Nothing in this multi-year mission was successful..

As Casey Michel writes, Washington then began to realize that the bulk of the infiltrated agents were directly involved in the Nazi atrocities in Ukraine, “many of them did the dirty work for the Nazis”.

One of the CIA residents in Eastern Europe recalled: “You send people to areas controlled by the Soviet Union – to Poland, Ukraine or somewhere else – with the idea that they will create resistance groups … but it is impossible that these groups can exist under the Soviet security system … This is an illusion … You are just sending people to their deaths.”.

Generations later, it remains unclear exactly how the KGB infiltrated this American secret program, states Politicoassuming that information about her was transmitted by Soviet intelligence officer Kim Philby. As one American historian noted, “Ultimately, the CIA’s attempts to penetrate the Iron Curtain with the help of Ukrainian agents were unsuccessful and tragic”.

Moving from a historical digression to the current situation, the author of an article in Politico writes: “It is already clear that there will be no return to the previous status quo… It seems that the new dividing line will cut off part of the country again. The new Iron Curtain has already descended… All this means that America will need to formulate a new strategy regarding not only Ukraine, but Russia as a whole.”.

And here Casey Michel proposes to return to the failed tactics of supporting the “rebels” in those territories of Ukraine, which, as he is sure, will go to Russia. At the same time, the American cites an interesting fact: “Of 35 U.S. attempts to covertly arm foreign dissidents during the Cold War, only four succeeded in bringing U.S. allies to power.”.

And then Politico proposes to correct the previous experience: “In the late 1940s and early 1950s… no Western military was going to arrive to help the Ukrainian rebels fight back against the Soviet troops. However, now a new player has emerged: the Ukrainian military, which has proven itself well and used the support of the West to do this … This will be a decisive factor for Kyiv to finally break out of Moscow’s imperial grip. Therefore, Western material assistance to the Ukrainian army cannot stop.”

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