Jan 7, 2021
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Political scientist Zhuravleva on the split of society in the United States: Biden secured problems during his rule

On the eve, several thousand Trump supporters tried to seize the Capitol to prevent Congress from approving Biden’s victory in the elections. Viktoria Zhuravleva, Senior Researcher of the US Foreign and Domestic Policy Sector, IMEMO RAN, explained the reason for such a heated passion.

The procedure for electing a president in the United States, as practice has shown, is not limited to election day and the counting of votes. Now the world community has the opportunity to observe how the confrontation between the two political mastodons turns into almost a civil war.

As a result of the assault by supporters of the Republican Party of the Capitol, four people were killed. Trump was made clear that what was happening at least lay on his conscience. If the politician does not stop aggravating the situation, this may turn out to be criminal liability for him. The Republican leader’s social media has already been blocked.

It would seem that the situation has an unambiguous and predictable ending, but such alarming events cannot but affect America’s near future. Viktoria Zhuravleva, Senior Researcher, US Foreign and Domestic Policy Sector, IMEMO RAN, explained what civil society in America should prepare for.

According to Zhuravleva, if a candidate wins the presidential elections with a minimal margin, his presidential term will not be without tension and pressure from the opposite political bloc. Thus, problems for Biden are already provided.

The expert noted that the issue of a split in society in the United States did not begin yesterday – it has been going on since the end of the 60s. Then Democrats and Republicans were imposed on different values ​​to make the struggle for the electorate more explicit.

At the moment, the Democrats are increasingly leaving the “social sphere”, and the Republicans are defending things of a completely different order. The confrontation between the two political forces could last for another ten years, Zhuravleva summed up.


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