Apr 5, 2021
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Political scientist Usov said about the spiritual degeneration of the Lukashenka regime: Reliance on primitive rudeness

The intensification of repression in the future will play against the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, political scientist Pavel Usov believes.

In early February, the General Prosecutor’s Office of Belarus proposed a number of amendments to the articles of the Criminal Code on extremism. According to the head of the department, Andrei Shved, responsibility should be borne not only by the organizers and leaders of extremist groups, but also by any participants.

The analyst said that tightening the laws would unite society. Pavel Usov is sure that repression will only strengthen the national spirit. If the authorities of Belarus want to conquer the minds of Belarusians, then they will have to be prohibited from teaching the real history of Belarus and introduce the course “A short history of the state of Lukashenko,” he said.

Usov said that today in the country one can observe the rapid enlightenment of society and the formation of a nation. The political scientist explained that the regime has no semantic content, ideas that could inspire citizens. The analyst added that the regime is based on “primitive rudeness”.

“This only underlines the complete spiritual degeneration of the regime,” concluded Usov.

The situation in Belarus heated up in August 2020. Opposition supporters took to the streets demanding the resignation of Alexander Lukashenko. They accused the president of rigging the voting results. The head of state called his victory fair, but admitted that he could have been “drawn” by one or two percent of the vote.


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