Apr 19, 2021
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Political scientist Usov on Lukashenko’s destructive plans: Decided to leave history, having burned the country to ashes

Lukashenka is ready to make decisions that will go sideways for Belarus. This is the conclusion reached by political scientist Pavel Usov.

Alexander Lukashenko has proved that he is ready to go to great lengths to keep power in tight hands. The price of protest has become too high, and the collective West does not want to take significant risks and enter into serious confrontation with the politician.

Political scientist Pavel Usov fears that plans may mature in Batka’s head, which will inevitably lead to the collapse of the state system. Among them in the first place is the possible cancellation of elections, the expert said.

In addition, Lukashenka will not consider it superfluous to expel all “extremists” and “terrorists” from the country. This is likely to be followed by the creation of a massive state party.

As for cooperation with Russia, according to Usov, the last dictator of Europe can give the green light to the deployment of a Russian military base in Belarus. The specialist is convinced that such a system will become extremely fragile and fall apart during the lifetime of Alexander Grigorievich.

Usov suggested that Lukashenka decided to leave history by burning the country to the ground. As the Marquise de Pompadour once said, there has been a flood after me.


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