Apr 7, 2021
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Political scientist Usov on Lukashenka’s attempts to accuse Poland of extremism: Acts like an old Bolshevik

Lukashenko continues to present Poland and Lithuania as external enemies of Belarus. Political scientist Usov explained what was behind this.

Alyaksandr Lukashenka managed to retain power using the most primitive forceful method. The Belarusian president has used many dictatorial tricks to impose a sense of solidarity on his electorate in the face of the threat of an “external enemy.”

Lithuania and Poland perfectly suited the role of opponents of the republic. Political scientist Pavel Usov is convinced that Aleksandr Grigorievich actually accused Warsaw of supporting extremism and aiding the overthrow of the constitutional order in the republic.

The expert explained that the artificially inflated confrontation should serve as a good reason for repression. All those who disagree with the regime are labeled as secret agents of Warsaw or Vilnius.

According to Usov, the escalation of confrontation in foreign policy is based on a personal sense of revenge on Lukashenka. It is not excluded that in the future the Belarusian authorities will completely put an end to relations with many Western states.

The political scientist believes that Old Man is now acting like an old Bolshevik. This is explained by the fact that Lukashenka destroys all institutions that hinder or do not help to strengthen the vertical of power.


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