Jan 17, 2022
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Political scientist suggested security guarantees for Poroshenko from the West

Political scientist Ivan Mezyuho suggested that Petro Poroshenko received guarantees of personal security from Western countries, so he decided to return to Ukraine, RT reports.

“In my opinion, Petro Alekseevich Poroshenko still has some confidence that he will be able to avoid real punishment. I think he can get away with house arrest at most. Still, it is likely that the former Ukrainian president has guarantees of personal security from the West, ”he said.

Mezukho believes that the ex-president of Ukraine cannot but be concerned about what is happening now with the former president of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili.

“Of course, Poroshenko has something to judge for: he should be tried for a coup d’etat, for the Maidan, but they are not judged for this,” the expert explained.

On the other hand, if the politician had stayed abroad, his political career would have ended, otherwise Poroshenko could still participate in the next presidential election, Mezyuho believes.

Recall that on the morning of January 17, the ex-president of Ukraine flew to Kiev. At the border control, he was handed a summons with a subpoena to choose a measure of restraint in the case of treason. It says that from the moment of arrival in Kiev, Poroshenko is called a detainee. The court session is scheduled for 12:00 Moscow time on January 17.

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