Oct 20, 2021
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Political scientist Soloveychik: the European Union is not ready to pay for Ukraine’s military adventures


Political scientist Soloveychik: the European Union is not ready to pay for Ukraine's military adventures
Federal news agency
Stepan Yatsko

President Nezalezhnaya Volodymyr Zelensky said that the country would have joined the EU yesterday if this issue had been decided only by the Presidents of the European Council Charles Michel and the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen. However, all 27 EU countries should speak out for Ukraine’s membership in the union. The Ukrainian leader explained that he communicates with each country separately, since problems remain with some.

“One on one they say: we are for, the question [решайте] with other countries. Then you go to that other country, and there they also say: we are for, ”Zelensky explained.

Commenting on the words of the head of Nezalezhnaya, Vladimir Soloveichik drew attention to the vague term “somewhat”. He recalled that out of 27 EU countries, only four came out in support of Kiev’s entry into the union.

“The point is that not a few countries, but 85% of the participating countries, do not support Ukraine’s participation in the European Union. But these are details, but otherwise the Ukrainian president is right: European countries do not need Ukraine’s membership in the European Union at all, ”he said.

The political scientist explained that the Europeans do not see any advantages from Ukraine’s admission to the union. But they are very much afraid of the problems that may arise.

“No one in the EU wants to feed a horde of idlers and pay out of their own pocket for military adventures of the Kiev rulers in the southeast of the country, and not only there. Hence, the negative attitude of the Europeans follows, clearly captured by their governments, ”Vladimir Soloveichik explained in an interview with FAN.

Earlier, the Polish political expert Jakub Koreyba said that Russia has an unspoken “veto right” on Ukraine’s entry into NATO.

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