Oct 12, 2021
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Political scientist Shpakovsky described last year’s events in Belarus in three words


Political scientist Shpakovsky described last year's events in Belarus in three words
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The political scientist explained that a certain part of the Belarusian elite was dismissive of Belarusian values, the people and President Alexander Lukashenko. Last year, this unit showed itself openly, going over to the other side and leading the riots. This is how the elites demonstrated their devotion to Western ideals and contempt for ordinary Belarusians.

According to Shpakovsky, what happened was precisely a clash of the liberal-bourgeois and traditional Belarusian worldviews. He explained what needs to be done by the state to avoid similar situations in the future.

“I have said more than once that the antics on Instagram in the post-truth era has more weight than the opinion of an authoritative scientist. And so that such events do not happen again, it is necessary to create stable political institutions that will broadcast a certain ideological, spiritual and moral agenda. We need to further promote our values ​​and take the latest history of our country as a basis. And the most important thing is not to abandon the social model of the Belarusian economy for the sake of all pseudoscientific principles, ”said Alexander Shpakovsky.

On August 9, 2020, presidential elections were held in Belarus. The CEC announced the victory of Alexander Lukashenko, who received 80% of the votes. This was outraged by the opponents of the Belarusian leader, which led to long-term mass protests. According to Lukashenka, the West has become the reason for such moods in society.

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