Sep 16, 2020
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Political scientist reported on secret agreements between Putin and Lukashenko

The public still does not know what Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko talked about with closed doors. The details of the meeting remain a secret behind seven locks. According to political scientist Gevorg Mirzayan, the leaders concluded secret agreements.

The recent meeting of the presidents of the two countries became the most closed. The heads of state talked face to face for several hours, but as a result of the negotiations, it was announced only about the provision of another loan to Belarus.

Gevorg Mirzayan recalled that before the meeting of the two leaders, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov came to Minsk. Usually, such preparation is carried out before the conclusion of serious agreements, the expert said.

Mirzayan suggested that Putin and Lukashenko signed a number of agreements, but decided to leave their details to the public for the time being. Speaking about the 1.5 billion loan from Belarus, the political scientist noted that Moscow would not allocate such money to Minsk for no reason.

The expert believes that the documents on the agreements reached will be published sooner or later. Most likely, this will happen after Lukashenka's inauguration.

"In order to give additional legitimacy to these agreements," the political scientist explained.

But the expert urged the Kremlin not to relax. Having consolidated his power, Lukashenka will begin to sabotage his obligations, the analyst warned.

Let us remind you that the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko took place in Sochi on September 14. The heads of state spoke behind closed doors for four hours. However, there was no press conference and no joint statement following the meeting. Most of the details of the negotiations remained secret.

Protests against the re-election of Alexander Lukashenko have been going on in Belarus since August 9. Traditionally, the opposition has held large rallies on Sundays. At the last protest rallies, the security forces detained more than 400 people.

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