Oct 18, 2021
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Political scientist Pogrebinsky predicted Ukraine’s energy collapse in February 2022


Political scientist Pogrebinsky predicted Ukraine's energy collapse in February 2022
NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine”

During the broadcast of the 112 TV channel, the expert drew attention to the fact that experts disagreed on the energy crisis in Ukraine. In the opinion of some economists, the peak of tension will come in February 2022. The political scientist predicts that Kiev will not have enough gas to supply heat to the population if the last month of winter turns out to be cold. This scenario will lead to an energy collapse in the country.

“I realized that the situation can be solved by introducing a state of emergency at the local level. Then the agreements on gas supplies, which were concluded by private companies with the administrations, can be canceled without consequences, ”Pogrebinsky said.

In this situation, Kiev will be able to put pressure on the company “Naftogaz” and force it to reduce tariffs. According to the political scientist, if this plan is implemented, the cost of one cubic meter of gas will drop to 7.42 hryvnia.

At the moment, Ukraine continues to buy Russian gas from Europe. The Russian authorities have repeatedly offered their Kiev colleagues to conclude a long-term agreement on direct supplies of blue fuel on mutually beneficial terms, but the Ukrainian leadership has consistently refused.

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