Apr 19, 2021
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Political scientist Perendzhiev explained the unattractiveness of Ukraine for NATO

The latest news from Ukraine testifies to NATO’s reluctance to admit the country to its membership. The political scientist explained the reasons.

Associate Professor of the Department of Political Science and Sociology of the PRUE named after G.V. Plekhanov, a member of the Expert Council of the “Officers of Russia” Alexander Perendzhiev is sure that Ukraine would have been accepted into the Alliance long ago if there was a real interest in it. In the case of Montenegro, this happened very quickly. However, in reality, there is no such interest, and the latest news from Ukraine is proof of this.

Back in 2017, this country made NATO membership a priority in its foreign policy, but since then it has not come close to the goal. Volodymyr Zelenskyy says that only membership in the Alliance can guarantee peace and long-term security to the state. Gradually, politicians pass from requests to demands to join NATO – Perendzhiev calls this “the policy of begging.”

In an interview with IA Nation News, the political scientist recalled the status of NATO’s expanded capabilities partner, which Ukraine received last summer. Countries with this status, as a rule, will never become members of the Alliance in the future. The expert is sure that the bloc will continue to use the country for its own purposes, but will never defend it, sacrificing its soldiers. The latest news from Ukraine shows that Kiev is focused on begging the West for NATO membership, but no one is interested in such a political strategy.


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