Sep 16, 2020
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Political scientist on Lukashenka’s visit to Russia: He cannot humiliate himself to dialogue with Belarusians

On Monday, August 14, a meeting of the presidents of Russia and Belarus took place in Sochi. The one-on-one conversation between Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko lasted four hours.

Political analyst Valery Karbalevich noted that two important events preceded the talks between the presidents. First, Alexander Lukashenko's long interview with Russian journalists. The politician said that the street processions are attended by unemployed people run by Western intelligence services.

Secondly, the riots on September 12 and 13. Despite the intensification of repression, the scale of the protests only grew. Some demonstrators even managed to get by roundabout ways to the elite village of Drozdy, to the house of the head of the Central Election Commission, Lydia Yermoshina.

With such a heavy "political baggage", Lukashenko flew to Sochi to ask Putin for help. The Belarusian leader is unable to stop the rallies and generally cope with the problems in the republic. "In short, a modern version of the painting" The Return of the Prodigal Son, "said the expert.

Karbalevich added that Alexander Lukashenko not only put himself in a humiliating position, but also Belarus as a whole. They are trying to decide the fate of the republic in the neighboring state. The president's reputation as a defender of his country's sovereignty has been completely damaged.

Alexander Lukashenko is guided by the logic of a medieval monarch. The politician is ready to conduct a dialogue about the fate of Belarus with a colleague from Russia, and not with his compatriots. "He cannot humble himself to a dialogue with the people, but asking for help from a neighboring sovereign is quite acceptable," the expert revealed his position.

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