Oct 21, 2021
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Political scientist Nagoshi: Japan missed a great opportunity to return the Kuril Islands with Yeltsin’s help


Political scientist Nagoshi: Japan missed a great opportunity to return the Kuril Islands with Yeltsin's help
FBA “Economics Today”

Since 1945, a peace treaty has not been signed between Moscow and Tokyo. In Japan, they insist on revising the results of World War II and the return of the four islands of the Kuril ridge: Iturup, Kunashir, Shikotan and Habomai. According to Nagoshi, the new Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida will not bring the conclusion of a peace treaty closer, as he is a pro-American “hawk” and seeks a closer alliance with the United States.

At the same time, the Japanese expert stressed that Tokyo had a historic chance to return the four islands in 1992. During the collapse of the USSR and the weakening of Russia, the then Prime Minister of Japan Kiichi Miyazawa could agree with the first President of the Russian Federation Boris Yeltsin and resolve the half-century issue. But the head of the Japanese government pursued a tough line and demanded the return of all four islands, without trying to bargain for at least two. Nagoshi noted that Moscow needed money and Tokyo could simply buy out the “northern territories”, but this did not happen.

Readers of President Online believe that Japan’s historic chance was missed in the 1990s and called on the new prime minister to focus on Russia’s current conditions and conclude a peace treaty.

“It was possible to take the islands only during the collapse of the Soviet Union. Then the real economic situation in Russia was difficult. Then it was possible under the guise of “economic aid” to simply buy the islands. And now Russia has become stronger, and it does not need this money. Under Yeltsin, we had the first and only chance, ”said a web user.

“We don’t need any northern islands. Instead, it is better to conclude a peace treaty with Russia, and together with it, it will not work to contain China and America. And Kishida won’t do it either! Our population is decreasing throughout the country. What can we say about some northern islands, even if they return to us. Who will live there? ” – commented a reader of the Japanese edition.

Earlier in NewInform: orientalist Yevgeny Satanovsky called on Russia to prepare for a war with Tokyo because of the revanchism of Japanese Prime Minister Kishida.

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