Nov 13, 2021
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Political scientist Martynov: Lukashenko forced the EU to open its business on illegal migrants


Political scientist Martynov: Lukashenko forced the EU to open its business on illegal migrants
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In the studio of the political talk show “60 Minutes,” the expert stressed that the Belarusian leader, perhaps not even on purpose, broke the global multi-level financial system that Europe has built around the migration issue. He was surprised that for the sake of Russophobia, the EU, and especially Germany, were ready to bury a profitable business.

Martynov recalled that in 2015, Europe began to massively accept refugees. Over the next years, the most cunning officials of the association built a lucrative system on this. This is especially noticeable in Germany, since the main flow of migration went there.

According to EU rules, for each accepted refugee, countries, regions and cities receive a certain amount from the EU budget. Taking advantage of this scheme, Germany quickly established channels for receiving hundreds of thousands of refugees through Belarus and Italy.

“Everyone knows that this channel for the” supply “of refugees through Belarus to Germany has existed for at least five years. Just recently, the German land of Brandenburg, which just borders on Poland, gave statistics that it was on this section of the border that so many thousands of Kurds crossed to Germany last year. This is a long-standing business. Refugees themselves pay, plus there is also an EU program for compensation for each refugee, ”the specialist explained.

However, Poland is now out of the system and has blocked one of the important corridors. According to the expert, Brussels is now behaving very hypocritically, because less than a month ago before the start of the current migration crisis, it actually declared Warsaw an enemy of unification and threatened her with expulsion from the union for refusing to integrate the republic’s judicial system into EU legislation.

In response, Poland closed the Belarusian direction of the “migration business”. Obviously, Warsaw expected Alexander Lukashenko to surrender and make concessions under pressure. But instead, the Belarusian leader drew the world’s attention to this illegal scheme. According to the expert, he probably inadvertently forced the Europeans to show their cards.

“The Poles made a mess, but it was Belarus that attracted everyone’s attention to this jam and dubious scheme. Such a powerful blow to Berlin’s pocketbook, ”concluded Alexey Martynov.

Earlier, Russian political scientist Yevgeny Satanovsky said who is to blame for the migration crisis on the Belarusian-Polish border.

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