Oct 27, 2021
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Political scientist Makeyeva called the desire of the United States to ban the “Perimeter” system outrageous impudence


Political scientist Makeyeva called the desire of the United States to ban the
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The USA wants to ban the Russian Federation from using the “Dead Hand”

The US military wants Russia to abandon the exploitation of the Perimeter nuclear strike system (in the West it is called the “Dead Hand”). During the war years, Western countries believed that in the event of a nuclear attack from the United States or NATO, the Soviet Perimeter system would be able to retaliate before the missiles reached Russian territories. Washington is afraid of this complex and wants to ban Russia from using it.

What does America want to get?

According to Makeeva, it is not clear what exactly American officials want to achieve by such a demand. She called such a desire “either transcendental impudence or transcendental stupidity.”

“A little more, and the American elites will surpass the Ukrainian ones in the stupidity of their statements. One gets the feeling that they deliberately make such statements to make fun of them. What do they actually require? “Do not bother us, if we have such a desire, to destroy you with a nuclear strike with impunity,” the expert believes.

Nuclear parity

The political scientist recalled that at the moment, the technologies of network wars have been worked out and repeatedly tested. It is a complex complex of different methods, which includes working with networks in society.

“These are informational, diplomatic, economic methods, which together work to undermine the sovereignty of the state that has become the object of such an attack. Unlike an attack using conventional means, in this case it is almost impossible to catch the opponent by the hand and give a classic response, ”she explained in an interview with FAN.

According to Makeeva, nuclear weapons are necessary, as well as nuclear parity in the world. But at the same time, today network and hybrid technologies are a powerful tool in the conduct of war.

“The advanced technologies of the era of the Third World War should be mastered and applied, including by Russia. Nuclear parity in the world has been achieved, ”the political scientist concluded.

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