Sep 14, 2020
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Political scientist: Lukashenka was allowed to stay in power for 3 years under certain conditions

On September 14, a meeting of the Russian and Belarusian leaders took place in the city of Sochi. The experts speculated on what could be the outcome of the negotiations.

The negotiations between Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko lasted nearly four hours. During this time, the leaders of the two countries apparently managed to discuss many large-scale issues, but at the moment only some fragments of an important conversation have leaked to the media.

Political analysts began to speculate about what awaits the last dictator of Europe after a conversation with the Russian commander-in-chief. The author of the analytical telegram channel "By the way" is convinced that Lukashenka has some certainty for the near future.

According to the political scientist, Lukashenka was allowed to stay in power for another two or three years. During this time, Old Man will receive support from the Kremlin.

In addition, the expert believes that after that a constitutional reform will take place in Belarus, the result of which will be integration with Russia. This scenario assumes that Lukashenka will leave power, and one of his heirs will receive the powers of the head of the republic, Tsargrad reports.

It should be reminded that protest strata of the population continue to hold protest actions in Belarus. Alexander Lukashenko, apparently, decided to return to proven repressive measures, using power structures for his political goals.

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