Jan 26, 2021
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Political scientist Kuznetsov announced the failure of Tikhanovskaya’s plans: Hope is only on the street

The Belarusian opposition no longer sets the tone for political processes. Today, the Coordination Council only reacts to the actions of the authorities, said analyst Pyotr Kuznetsov.

Former presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya promised to organize a “people’s gathering” in response to the All-Belarusian Assembly. However, whether it will be effective is a big question. According to the expert, if the authorities cannot give meaning to their event, then the oppositionists are doomed to failure.

Opponents of Alexander Lukashenko’s regime acted proactively only once. At the end of October last year, Tikhanovskaya and her team issued an ultimatum to the authorities. But this attempt was unsuccessful. Since then, the opposition has ceased to act decisively.

“If you open Tikhanovskaya’s telegram channel, then 98% of it is filled with commenting on events that have already occurred,” Kuznetsov noted.

Supporters of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya had a chance to take the initiative into their own hands when the protests were widespread. Today, street activity has dropped to a minimum, and there are no clear preconditions for a change in the situation, reports.

The analyst stressed that today all hope is on the street. If the Belarusians were able to analyze the mistakes made in the summer and autumn and did work on them, then a new wave of protests is not far off. Kuznetsov also did not rule out the possibility of new leaders emerging.

“I think we haven’t seen a lot, but we will see,” he concluded.


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