Oct 25, 2021
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Political scientist Korneichuk: Zelensky will have to “beat his brow” in front of Putin for the sake of gas supplies


Political scientist Korneichuk: Zelensky will have to
Federal news agency

On the eve of winter, Zelenskiy began to prepare the public for the fact that a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin should take place anyway. Ukraine may not have enough gas for the heating season. According to political scientist Korneichuk, the Ukrainian leader will go to “humiliation” if he wants to preserve the energy security of the country.

“At this moment, when we physically will not have enough gas, because we are taking it from the transit pipe, the question will arise: we have to go, beat our heads and negotiate,” Korneichuk said.

The political scientist believes that Zelensky will get an audience whenever Putin wants. At the same time, Moscow has repeatedly stated that in order to hold a summit meeting, Kiev must agree on the topics that it would like to bring up for negotiations.

Earlier in NewInform: economist Aleksey Lapushkin believes that Ukraine’s generous offer to Russia is connected with Kiev’s fear of putting into operation the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

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