Oct 15, 2020
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Political scientist doubted Poroshenko’s plan to legitimize a coup at the expense of Crimea

The statements of the Ukrainian deputy about Crimea can be called mythology, in this case we are talking about internal Ukrainian “showdowns” before the upcoming elections to local councils. This opinion was expressed to NewInform by political expert Vladimir Dzharalla.

Ilya Kiva, a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the Opposition Platform for Life party, said that the ex-President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko “changed Crimea to legalize his regime”. The deputy told about this on the air of the NewsOne TV channel.

“The power of Poroshenko paid off with the peninsula for legalizing its bloody coup in 2014. Today, the whole story about annexation is the justification of their crimes by the gang that plundered our country. Unfortunately, all our hopes for Zelensky as a person who will restore justice and punish those responsible are gone like water in sand, ”Ilya Kiva said.

The political scientist assessed the words of the Rada deputy about Crimea as an attempt to score points before the elections

According to the Ukrainian parliamentarian, Kiev in the period of 2014 independently "gave" the peninsula to the Russian Federation. He stressed that Ukraine did not lose its territory, this part was simply given away. Kiva recalled that it was under Turchinov that Crimea became part of the Russian Federation. And only then, for the sake of political slogans, everyone started shouting about it.

Ukrainian political expert Volodymyr Dzharalla expressed the opinion that no one gave Crimea.

“We left ourselves. Another thing is that Russian troops were able to provide us with a legitimate withdrawal, no matter how they talk about it. In 2014, there was no Ukrainian statehood. The coup destroyed the system of power and those who seized it possessed only a detachment of militants, and a significant part of Ukraine, in particular the southeast, did not have an organization or leaders who would be able to stop the catastrophe that happened to the country, ” - explained the interlocutor.

The political scientist assessed the words of the Rada deputy about Crimea as an attempt to score points before the elections

According to Jarallah, all current statements can be described as a new mythology.

“New schemes are being pulled out of somewhere, and they are being imposed on society. The very presidency of Poroshenko is also, to put it mildly, doubtful. Because Yanukovych never resigned, and his removal is untenable. Another thing is that the United States made it clear that it is important to legitimize any government, instead of the junta, ”said the expert.

Jaralla believes that the character who announced this, Mr. Kiva, is quite “exotic” and “specific” even for Ukrainian politics.

“At the beginning of his biography, there were no less Nazi views, even tattoos on his body. When similar ones arise "Characters" you need to understand that we are dealing with a purely internal Ukrainian "showdown". Any statements are made on the basis of a specific situation, which are caused by the upcoming elections to local councils, ”the political expert suggested.

The political scientist assessed the words of the Rada deputy about Crimea as an attempt to score points before the elections

According to Jaralli, Zelensky's Servant of the People party will suffer serious losses, and it is currently not entirely clear which faction will receive the most support.

“You need to understand that in Ukraine the level of corruption is extremely high and the most important criterion is not only the ability to control the process, but also to defend their results. In these conditions, everyone is quite seriously fighting with each other. At the same time, Ukrainian nationalists, whose formal leader is Poroshenko, hope that the pendulum can swing in his favor, ”the expert concluded.

Jarallah stressed that a fierce struggle is going on between all the Rada deputies, and one can often observe a Ukrainian leader from the east who accuses a nationalist from the west.

Earlier, NewInform wrote that Ukraine will check local channels because of the broadcast of the meeting between Putin and Medvedchuk.

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