Oct 27, 2021
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Political scientist Chaplyga: Kiev, after the “missile threats” to Moscow, approached a fine line


Political scientist Chaplyga: Kiev, after the
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In his opinion, Ukrainian top-level officials are accustomed to the fact that all their anti-Russian attacks do not bear consequences in practice, since they are ignored in the Russian Federation. However, this time Russia’s response may greatly surprise Nezalezhnaya.

Chaplyga believes that the Ukrainian authorities made a mistake by not catching the recent geopolitical shifts and continuing to play the brave fighters against the Russian Federation. Now the stupidity of Zelensky’s advisers could cost Kiev statehood.

We are talking about the words of the adviser to the head of the Office of the Ukrainian President Alexei Arestovich, who threatened to send missiles to Moscow. He ironically offered to charge the still non-existent Ukrainian missiles with what Zelensky and his team turned the industry and economy of Ukraine into.

“The question is what kind of charge will be carried by the missile that Mr. Arestovich wants to aim at Moscow. I can assume that these missiles will be charged with manure, to which our reformers have already transferred nuclear energy and industry. This will have the desired demoralizing effect, ”Chaplyga said.

The expert concluded that the Zelensky administration probably did not realize what fine line Ukraine has come to.

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