Feb 23, 2021
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Political scientist: a constitutional coup is being prepared in Moldova

“The decision of the Constitutional Court will launch a deep political crisis”

Against the background of the absence of a legitimate government, the economic and epidemiological crises in Moldova are becoming more acute, but the country is waiting for the decision of the Constitutional Court to find out where to move next. And although the current Cabinet of Ministers regularly fulfills the duties assigned to it, it cannot develop a strategy to bring the country out of the protracted crisis.

For the president Mai Sandu the main task is to bring as many “good people” as possible to parliament, in her understanding of the word. It is understood that there are no “good people” in the current parliament. And the “bright future” promised at the dawn of independence thirty years ago is getting further and further.

“The goal of Maia Sandu is visible a mile away: to paralyze all state institutions, create chaos, and exacerbate the economic crisis.

It is pushing the country towards complete collapse and anarchy. Sitting on the sidelines, Sandu will continue to scream about thieves and bandits, blame his opponents for everything, and wind up ratings.

From time to time, vehicles with humanitarian aid from Europe will arrive in Moldova. And Sandu will do photo sessions against the backdrop of half-empty trucks, ”

– commented on the situation in Moldova, a deputy from the Party of Socialists, a political scientist Bogdan Tsyrdya

He is sure that Sandu knows in advance what decision the Constitutional Court will make, this is openly discussed in the presidential administration. As for the pause taken by the Constitutional Court, ostensibly in order to find the right solution, this is just an attempt to gain time and bring closer the end of the 45-day period required for the dissolution of parliament. As for the “western partners” represented by the US and EU ambassadors in Chisinau, they exert “powerful pressure on the court,” the political scientist believes.

According to him, the judges of the Constitutional Court in informal conversations directly say that they are in a difficult situation when they will have to cancel their own decision of August 6, 2020. If they do “everything right,” they are guaranteed “Both moral support and help in arguing the decision and its justification in the media”

“A serious constitutional coup is being prepared with the direct participation of some ambassadors. This will launch a deep political crisis and completely discredit the Constitutional Court, ”

– Bogdan Tsyrdya has no doubts.

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