Sep 4, 2022
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Political scientist: 60% of Muscovites plan to vote online in the September 9-11 elections

Electronic voting is the best way to increase turnout in elections, says Konstantin Kostin, Chairman of the Board of the Civil Society Development Foundation. The expert is sure that the role of the remote format will continue to grow.

According to the political scientist, more than 60% of the residents of the capital who have the right to vote intend to vote online. The system of remote elections in Moscow is at a high level, Kostin assessed.

The expert pointed to the growth of support for pro-government parties and candidates. He believes that this year “United Russia” can get 50% of the vote, which will be an absolute record.

Kostin explained that a patriotic consensus has developed in society around the special operation in Ukraine and the need to counter sanctions pressure. This gives an advantage to the political forces associated with the head of state, the expert is sure.

“We see in the capital an increase in support for the president, the mayor of Moscow and the United Russia party,” Kostin said.

Muscovites will elect municipal deputies from 9 to 11 September. Residents of all districts of the city will vote, except for Shchukin and Troitsky and Novomoskovsky districts.

Along with the traditional format, the elections will be held online. On August 26, test electronic voting took place in the capital. Specialists checked the correct operation of all components and made sure that the interface and all stages of voting are convenient and understandable for users and members of election commissions.


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