Oct 1, 2021
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Political Psychiatry: They want to test the Ukrainian authorities for sanity

In the photo: at one of the meetings of the Verkhovna Rada in Kiev, Ukraine.

In the photo: at one of the meetings of the Verkhovna Rada in Kiev, Ukraine. (Photo: TASS / newspaper “Voice of Ukraine” / Anastasia Sirotkina)

They want to oblige Ukrainian parliamentarians to undergo examination by a narcologist and psychiatrist. According to the authors of the relevant bill – a group of deputies from the Opposition Platform – For Life! Faction, such a need within the walls of the Verkhovna Rada is long overdue.

The developed document, the text of which is published on the website of the Ukrainian parliament, proposes to supplement the article on the duties of the people’s deputies of the Law “On the Status of a Deputy of Ukraine” with a new paragraph. It states that before assuming office at the beginning of the calendar session, all parliamentarians must undergo a medical examination with an examination by a specialist in narcology and psychiatry. The fact of the survey will need to be confirmed with an appropriate certificate in the form approved by the country’s Ministry of Health.

The explanatory note states that such control will contribute to the proper performance by the deputies of their duties. It will also increase the level of political culture and ethical behavior of a parliamentarian, which, in turn, will affect the confidence of citizens.

The initiative, no doubt, is logical – after all, running the country is no less responsible than, say, a car. But clearly belated.

It was necessary earlier to examine those who are in power in Ukraine and write the laws by which she lives. When one of the main positions of the state (speaker of the national parliament) suddenly found himself Andrey Parubiy – a politician with a certificate of debility and radical views.

However, this personnel choice did not bother anyone then. And now the situation with the mental health of the Ukrainian ruling elite is so critical that it can hardly be corrected with haloperidol alone. And there are probably not enough specialists for all those suffering from psychosis, paranoia and bipolar disorder based on hatred of Russia. Since the specialized clinics where the violent madmen could be helped, Ms. Suprun, who served for a long time as the Minister of Health of Ukraine, simply abolished.

The problem remained. Moreover, it has gained momentum. After all, when not quite adequate people are at the head of the country, this cannot but affect the entire society.

As a result: today, according to WHO, Ukraine ranks first in Europe for mental disorders. 20% of the population of the “square” suffer from deviations of various kinds. Moreover, this numerical indicator over the past three years has grown more than six and a half times – from 1.2 million to 8 million people.

And how many are still under-examined …

For example, the former head of the President’s Office Andrey Bogdan at one time he said that the Servant of the People parliamentary pro-presidential faction is full of characters with oddities and phobias.

“There are crazy people, mentally ill people. A slice of society. Science has not established who a mentally healthy person is, each of us has phobias, both you and me, ”he confessed in an interview with BBC Ukraine.

That is, if we hypothetically imagine that the law will be adopted, the Verkhovna Rada will simply become empty. Moreover, Ukraine runs the risk of being left without a president if the rule is extended to him. Indeed, in behavior and speech Zelensky even an inexperienced person can easily notice the signs of schizophrenic insanity and close acquaintance with prohibited drugs.

– I have huge doubts that this kind of bill is not something that will be adopted, but even will be considered within the walls of the Verkhovna Rada, – comments on the “SP” situation renowned publicist and political scientist Armen Gasparyan… – For the only reason that I do not believe that the deputies of the Ukrainian parliament will dare to vote against themselves. Because it is quite obvious that many of them are, to put it mildly, not in the psychophysical state that is characteristic of normal people. A significant part of them “amuse themselves” with liquids, and powders, and everything else. And not only they, but also members of the Ukrainian government. And even Mr. President himself has repeatedly demonstrated that he is not always adequate.

Therefore, I do not believe that this initiative will take the form of a law.

Another thing amazes me. Fifteen years ago it was someone’s humoresque in Ukraine: they say, our “servants of the people” (then no one knew that there would be such a series) should be obliged to periodically undergo examination by narcologists – maybe this way we will reduce the number of fools. But what once simply amused people, now they have become a reality.

In general, it is quite scary to observe the dementia of the entire Ukrainian society. And once again I can only express my condolences to the population, whose power is getting worse and worse every year.

“SP”: – The trouble is that this is already gaining a massive character. According to the WHO, every fifth inhabitant of Ukraine already has mental disorders …

– There is nothing surprising. Because if you develop political schizophrenia at the state level, if you constantly have some kind of violent psychosis in your society – “aggression”, “occupation”, “Nord Streams”, “treason of the Hungarians”, something else like that, – then, of course, this will be very detrimental to ordinary people.

And, of course, medicines will not help here.

“SP”: – Then what?

– For a start, it seems to me, it is necessary to bring the political system of Ukraine itself to life, so that there are no such number of fools who are still under various drugs. But for this, the Ukrainian population needs to understand that if they vote like this, it will not get better, but it will only get worse all the time.

But how to explain this to them, I do not know. Because at first they had unrestrained joy – they chose a young actor Zelensky, who will now make Switzerland from Ukraine. After six months, everyone already hates him fiercely.

The Ukrainian man in the street needs to grow up, first of all

“SP”: – And for us to what extent the introduction of such rules would be relevant? After all, what to say, we also have enough characters in the local authorities, to put it mildly, with controversial fantasies.

– Not only in the field. They also exist within the walls of the State Duma. And there are not so few of them as it seems.

In general, a parliamentary ethics commission should deal with such things – to monitor what people with parliamentary mandates often carry. But I probably will never wait for this. Because immediately it starts: “Don’t touch! These are holy people! ” Etc.

But then it makes no sense to demand something from the officials. What do you want from them if you yourself demonstrate exactly the same thing?

Not so long ago, the speaker of a local meeting made some stupidity about June 22nd. But is she the only one in the country who is delirious without regaining consciousness?

“SP”: – In this case, the chairman of the city council of Ryazan, Yulia Rokotyanskaya, was “delirious”. She called the day of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War a “holiday” and congratulated her fellow deputies on it.

– Is there anything you can do about it? I have great doubts on this score. For this, the will must be shown at the level of civil society, and we do not have it. Society likes to be in a state of intellectual fog, and, unfortunately, nothing can be done about it.

Chairman of the regional public organization of Crimea “Center for Political Education” Ivan Mezyukho the initiative with the medical examination of the Ukrainian deputies did not surprise:

– Let me remind you that the trend for the discussion of this topic in the Ukrainian information space was set Petro Poroshenko and Volodymyr Zelenskyy, when, as candidates for the presidency of Ukraine, they proved under television cameras that one is not a drug addict, and the other is not an alcoholic. However, I doubt that the proposed initiative will move into a real legislative plane.

At the same time, the Ukrainian media are full of videos in which the people’s deputies of Ukraine are depicted in rather strange states, close to alcohol or drug intoxication. There were such cases, they are known to all Ukrainians.

But it seems to me that the Verkhovna Rada needs, first of all, conscience and adequacy. And if these two factors are taken into account when electing parliamentarians, then medical tests will not be needed. Because an adequate and responsible person will not come to a sitting of the country’s parliament in a drug or alcohol state.

Again, integral nationalism is known to have a bad effect on the mental state of people, and there are many nationalists in the Rada. Therefore, it is necessary to treat nationalism in the first place. After all, he does not destroy another culture, but his own culture. That is, Ukrainian integral nationalism harms primarily the Ukrainians themselves and the people of Ukraine. But, unfortunately, the MPs (many of them and in many factions) do not yet understand this.

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