Feb 19, 2021
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Political conflict in Belarus compared with the problem of fathers and children

According to political scientist Dmitry Dzhangirov, Russia missed the opportunity to work with the Belarusian society in a single information space. But Moscow should still prepare those who will put an end to Alexander Lukashenko’s “multi-vector nature,” the expert said.

The lack of direct dialogue with Belarusians is the main mistake of the Russian authorities. The expert noted that Alexander Lukashenko hindered this in every possible way, but, having a single information field, Moscow could pay more attention to working with the citizens of the republic.

Observing what was happening, Dzhangirov realized that Russia should establish a dialogue with the youth of Belarus, because there is a generational dispute. The people say that people in power are simply bored. Therefore, citizens are ready to overthrow the authorities. “The problem of fathers and children has not been canceled by anyone, in politics too,” the expert emphasized.

Dmitry Georgievich doubts that Batka will be able to independently resolve the generational conflict, because flexibility and the right approach are important in this matter. “Otherwise, Russian-Belarusian relations are hostages of one Lukashenka,” the political scientist said.

Recall that on February 22, 2021, a new meeting of Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin will take place. According to Dmitry Peskov, the heads of the two countries will discuss Russian-Belarusian relations. The Kremlin spokesman admitted that the presidents will talk about the recent nationwide meeting in the republic.


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