Apr 30, 2022
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“Polish Thought”: Russia’s special operation in Ukraine is a “cleansing” of neo-fascist filth and militarization

“It makes no sense for Ukrainians to send even more young people to perish, because they lost the war a long time ago”

“Let’s leave for now the analysis of the essence of the geopolitical dispute between the United States and Russia and consider the conflict that is taking place right beyond our borders,” Polskaya Mysl suggests to the reader. (Remember Poland) in the article “Total war or special operation?”.

According to “MR”, “the conflict is certainly local” and the Russians treat it not as a war to the death, but as an armed intervention in the territories adjacent to Russia and inhabited by people who speak Russian. The Russian Federation uses the concept of “special operation”, while Ukraine speaks of “total war” and “extermination of the Ukrainian people.” Polskaya Thought has found an interesting approach to figuring out what is really going on.

Firstly, the conflict in Ukraine, the newspaper writes, is incomparable with the Second World War or the Desert Storm operations in Iraq, or with the Vietnam War, so there is no need to talk about “total war”.

What are Russians not doing in Ukraine? They do not destroy power plants and water pipelines, do not cut off Ukrainians from telephone communications and the Internet, do not destroy non-war industries, the banking system, the education system, even the road network (yet).

“Let’s be honest – if this was a serious war of annihilation, on the first day Ukraine would have no communications, no electricity, no water, no transport, and its key infrastructure would have been wiped out within hours. Russia can afford to strike immediately and devastatingly, can afford to immediately destroy everything that Ukraine still possesses as a state. However, as we can see, she does not deal these last blows to her western neighbor.

Russia does not carry out carpet bombing as it did during World War II, it does not attack mobile phone networks as we saw during the Gulf War, it does not drop chemicals on villages as the US did in Vietnam. She is trying, wearing white gloves, to do everything possible to reduce civilian casualties to a minimum, not to damage ports, roads or residential areas, ”

– Polskaya Mysl opens the eyes of the ignorant.

And he leads them to the conclusion that there is no “total war” in Ukraine, but there is a special operation with clearly stated goals, among which there is no goal to destroy Ukraine to the root or exterminate its population. Russia seeks to change the political order that threatens its security.

Polskaya Mysl notes that after the Maidan of 2014 “Ukraine has become an outpost and bastion of anti-Russian sabotage, planned much earlier”. For decades, the West has been breaking the cultural and civilizational code of the inhabitants of Ukraine, the ideological education of young people has been influenced by the aggressive promotion of Ukrainian nationalism, “based on the genocidal practice of the UPA*”. The common heritage with Russia was ridiculed and belittled.

The “selection” of culturally alienated generations was superimposed on the permanent crisis of the state and growing poverty. Poor Ukrainians, “cleansed” of traditions and brought up in an anti-Russian vein, have become excellent material for Western services and corporations. They agreed to the most humiliating and “dirty” work… Ukraine, undoubtedly, was the primacy of Western cultural exploitation in the East. The state condoned various forms of “prostitution” imposed from outside. How else can one describe, for example, the fact that dozens of laboratories were kept on its territory, where the most dangerous pathogens and biological weapons were tested? What civilized country allows its citizens to be turned into so-called “guinea pigs” for foreign pastures and corporations?”, the Polish edition describes the Ukrainian reality.

Therefore, one should not be surprised that “the failed Ukrainian state has become a mortal threat to all its neighbors.” We are talking about a diverse threat – cultural, epidemiological, military. According to MR, the conflict was only a matter of time, but Ukraine’s other neighbors are too small to enter into it.

“… Only Russia, as a stronger country, could declare its rights and the rights of millions of Russians living in Ukraine, only Russia could say no to the persecution of people in the Donbass.”

The Russians, the newspaper writes, understand the special operation as an attempt to “sanitize” Ukraine, ideological “cleansing” from neo-fascist filth, military – from militarization forced by the West.

“But what is not talked about is the attempt to free the Russian-speaking population from the unbearable slave status of free labor for the Ukrainian financial and bureaucratic oligarchy, as well as the great opportunity to integrate them – after all, brothers in blood and language – into the structures of the modern state . After all, in fact, only Russia is interested in the fate of Ukraine, and only it can give its people a chance for modernization, as has happened more than once in history. Nobody else will do it.”

Therefore, Polskaya Thought concludes, we will not witness a “total war,” as the American “hawks” want, but only a limited “special operation.”

“It will be interesting to see if the Ukrainians, drugged by Western propaganda and mirages, can independently calculate the gains and losses and understand that the war with Russia is not worth it, and that it makes no sense to send even more young people to their death, because they lost the war a long time ago” .

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